Pieksäwood is a Finnish family business with deep roots in the Finnish forest, having started manufacturing wood products more than 70 years ago. The company focuses on the manufacture of aspen and black alder products for interior decoration, sauna and bathrooms, and wood composite products for terraces. 

Timber by Pinja brings much-needed efficiency to the company’s production planning and operations management. Pieksäwood’s previous ERP system was chosen primarily for financial management needs, but as the company grew, it was realized that the system that had been in use for five years no longer served the company’s needs. More robust help was needed in production planning and management. The Timber by Pinja system for the timber and sawmill industry was selected to meet these needs.

Pinja’s thorough industry knowledge is key 

The choice of ERP system was clear for Pieksäwood – they needed a system tailored to the timber industry, which they knew Pinja had. “It was important for us to have all the materials conveniently flow through the same system, from purchase to billing. Previously, we didn’t have a proper system for production control, and with our growth we needed efficiency”, says Sami Koskinen, CEO and entrepreneur of Pieksäwood

Pinja’s knowledge of the industry has played an important role in the project. “The absolute advantage of Timber by Pinja is that the system already knows our world – bundles, pieces, cubic meters, and running meters. It is a clear strength that the system already takes the specificities of the timber industry into account. It was also important for us to be able to speak the same language as the system supplier”, Koskinen says. 

Pinja’s experience and expertise in the timber and sawmill industry has made the cooperation more fruitful for both parties. As a result of the cooperation, the system has been further developed to meet the needs not only of the sawmill industry but also of wood processing companies. On the other hand, the project has also been cost-effective for Pieksäwood, as they have not had to tailor everything to their needs from scratch.

“From our point of view, the cooperation has been excellent. The client has been very active and we have had good, constructive discussions. At the same time, we have received many ideas for improvements, which have also been implemented. In the future, these will also benefit all our other clients in the forest and timber industry”, says Matti Eskelinen, Pinja’s client manager.

A system reform is first and foremost a cultural change

The cooperation started in the fall of 2021, and the project is now in its final phase. The system has already been deployed and rolled out to production use. However, the actual production control is still in its deployment phase. “We are looking forward to the full implementation of the system. This has been a big project, but I feel we are on the right track”, says Koskinen. 

Naturally, the system reform has also brought changes in Pieksäwood’s operating methods. “Certain steps are so big that they need to be learned and mastered before we can move on to the next step. The project schedule has been delayed to some extent for reasons that are attributable to both parties, but as this is a major project that will change the basic DNA of the whole company, it must be handled carefully and thoroughly. It will certainly still take time”, Koskinen says and continues: “Although the project is still ongoing, I am pleased with our choice and optimistic that this was the right decision.”

Koskinen feels that throughout the project, Pinja has provided assistance and training in the use of the system. Another important role has been to find the motivated and development-oriented people within the company to drive changes. 

Timber by Pinja is currently in use in around 50 sawmills and other forest industry companies in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries, among others. Timber by Pinja is modulear and suitable for both small companies and multi-unit groups.

Photo: Pieksäwood