Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

A scalable and modular production management system.

Manufacturing Execution System system integrates, monitors, and controls your company's complex production

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a tool for production management and development. It brings together the information flows about the order, product, materials and processes needed to manage the internal production chain.

The demand for flexibility and agility in the manufacturing industry is constantly increasing, and the MES is almost critical for the development of production. It helps companies digitize their operations, and adapt quickly and efficiently to changes in demand, opportunities, or requirements. Optimally, a MES not only supports the security of supply, but also quality targets and productivity improvements. The system gives the company a reliable overview of what is really happening in production.

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What benefits does the Manufacturing Execution System production control system bring to your company?

A reliable view of the overall production situation

The MES brings together the entire company’s manufacturing operations, providing a transparent and visual view of production progress. The system ensures that all manufacturing work is completed and reported on time and according to plan.

Improved profitability and more efficient production

Regardless of the industry or the scale of production, a MES improves profitability and production efficiency by controlling the manufacturing process in an information-based way. The system makes relevant information available to all those who need it, updated in real time.

Improved leadership and interaction

The MES informs, guides and provides feedback in a visual and clear way. It helps understand the complexities of manufacturing, and identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. The work is made easier when reliable data are available to support decision-making.

Facilitating quality control and monitoring

The MES ensures that quality management, such as various measurements and inspections, are performed and logged digitally in a timely and regular manner. Especially in the sectors regulated by the law, product traceability and compliance are particularly critical.

Take control of production operations with Pinja MES

The information needed by production is usually obtained from various systems, machines, equipment, factory automation, and production workers. There can be several different systems in use in production, such as PDM (Product Data Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management), APS (Advanced Production Planning) and WMS (Warehouse Management System). All of these are often still interfacing with the enterprise ERP system. In addition, data collection systems are needed to gather information directly from machines and devices and the operators who use them.

To make production as smooth as possible, all systems should be simple and intuitive to use. The Pinja MES makes it easier to manage the whole by bringing together production control and the information needed for production in one place. Having the right information available at the right time for the people who need it most allows systematic and planned management of the entire manufacturing operation. Changes in plans, raw materials, resources or others are updated in real time to all those who need to know, both in production and in support functions.

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Functions of Pinja MES

4 reasons to choose Pinja MES

A modular solution

With its modern user interface and modular structure, Pinja MES is suitable for a wide range of needs. When broken down into components, you can quickly benefit from the system’s potential as soon as you decide to purchase it.

Comprehensive MOM functionalities

Pinja MES combines the operational systems required on the factory floor as defined in the ISA-96 standard with common MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) level functions such as production planning, scheduling, data collection, and reporting.

Easily integrated into the enterprise system

Pinja MES can be easily integrated into the company’s other systems. A well-functioning system makes everyday production easier, and frees up resources for productive work.

Agile deployment and support service available 24/7

The system can be flexibly installed either on the client’s own server or on Pinja’s high-performance and secure public cloud, such as Microsoft Azure. We also offer our clients the possibility of round-the-clock support.


ERP and MES ensure a holistic view of the company’s operations

Both ERP and Manufacturing Execution System are an integral part of a manufacturing company’s system architecture. ERP systems help organizations manage and automate key business processes, while a MES is often seen as something that focuses on manufacturing production functions. However, there is also a lot of overlap between the systems’ functions.

In our experience, ERP and MES create an integrated ecosystem that provides a holistic view of a company’s operations, including procurement, supply chain management, manufacturing logistics and more. Combining this information increases agility and provides reliable data that improves predictability from sales to asset and production management. Together, the systems bring clarity to operations that neither system can provide on its own.

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As your partner, we help you succeed

Even the best system solution will not deliver the desired results if you do not set sufficient objectives for its use, or if it does not integrate into your daily work. The keys to more efficient operation lie with the users of the system.

In addition to our modern system solutions, we help our clients create a culture of excellence that enables productivity improvement and competitive growth. Our experts will ensure that the system deployment is on time and on budget, and act as your partner throughout the client lifecycle. In this way, we ensure that our systems support our clients’ operations even as their needs change.

Our clients are supported on their development journey by Pinja’s more than 500 experts in areas such as lean consulting, knowledge management, integration, and IT services.

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