Novi by Pinja Maintenance system (CMMS)

Optimize your company's maintenance functions with the Novi maintenance system. Novi supports the development of predictive maintenance and helps ensure the functionality of your facility.

What will maintenance managers invest in in 2024?

Excellent maintenance decisions are made on the basis of reliable and timely data

Effective maintenance creates a stable foundation for a company’s operations and growth. Due to maintenance, the company’s production equipment runs smoothly and production meets its set objectives. When production goals are achieved, the company thrives, and its competitiveness increases. Maintenance thus directly impacts the company’s efficiency, quality, and delivery reliability.

With proactive maintenance, unplanned production stoppages and their associated ripple effects can be avoided. The cornerstone of proactive operations is an intelligent maintenance system that can integrate historical and measured data, and is user-friendly, making maintenance entries convenient to create regardless of time and place.

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Have you encountered these maintenance challenges?

Maintenance is a constant pursuit of addressing urgent issues

Maintenance records in the maintenance system are either lacking or incomplete

Unforeseen equipment failures disrupt production and incur costs

Resolve maintenance issues with the Novi maintenance system

Optimised for mobile devices

Optimised for mobile devices, Novi improves the utilisation rate of the maintenance system by being readily available and always clear. Novi goes with you on your smartphone and is available just as any other smartphone function independent of time, place, or network connection.


The system is easy to use and modify. You can customise system views, forms, and terminology, create quick-access functions, and specify individualised ways of use.

Easy documentation

With Novi, you can take control of the maintenance operating model. The system allows you to document your maintenance operating model and processes. Novi supports the daily management and meeting practices of maintenance, making it more systematic and easier to develop your maintenance practices.

Scalable system

The system is scalable for both small and large businesses. Novi is independent of industry or organisation size. The system is usable in organisations ranging from small businesses to global enterprise groups, only the ways of using it vary.

Novi by Pinja is a maintenance system designed for users

Novi by Pinja is a system for the modern management and development of preventive maintenance. It digitalizes data for the management and development of industrial maintenance, catering to the needs of both maintenance personnel and supervisors.

With Novi’s clear and visual user interface, you can improve the efficiency of team operations and help in locating the problems in your production.

Novi works handily on browsers on any terminal device, having a user interface that is genuinely optimized for mobile use. All of the features of browser-based operation are available, including the simultaneous use of several tabs, browser printing, and favouriting Novi features. QR codes can likewise be used by default.

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With the help of Novi, towards comprehensive maintenance management

  • For the installer: Data and documents required for performance of works in a mobile manner.
  • For the management: Real-time information on work progress to support daily management.
  • For the designer: Visual tools for work scheduling and resourcing.
  • For the maintenance manager: Smart and dynamic data on costs and key figures with Novi BI.
  • For the plant manager: A global perspective for maintenance task benchmarking and monitoring between different plants.

250+ customers

500+ sites

30+ different countries

20+ different languages

10 000+ users

Main System Features

Machine and device register

Job resourcing, scheduling, and reporting views

Production work request

QR code and NFC technology

Calendar and route-based preventive maintenance plans

Spare parts

Documents and reporting

Partner register

All Functionalities

Novi by Pinja and Business Intelligence - intelligent refining of maintenance data

The maintenance system includes a wealth of data in support of operational development. With the Microsoft Power BI tool, the collected maintenance data can be refined into clear, visual information to support decision-making.

Novi BI is an additional service for Novi cloud service customers which enables the formation of a comprehensive picture of the state of maintenance. Novi BI can be used to generate dynamic reports of for example map views, facility layout views, or key figures and, if necessary, it can be used to benchmark maintenance operations between different facility locations. The additional Novi BI service is an integrated feature of the Novi user interface.

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By utilizing system integration, production becomes more efficient and seamless

The Novi maintenance system is designed to support and facilitate daily maintenance tasks and operational improvement. On the other hand, the Gema production monitoring system gathers all the information required for competitive manufacturing, whether it’s related to production execution, development, or management.

When maintenance and production work together seamlessly, a company’s efficiency and productivity can be significantly improved. The integration of Novi and Gema ensures that the technical prerequisites for collaboration are in place, making it easy to record and execute tasks, while also ensuring that the necessary data is available in the right place and format for all stakeholders.

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How to initiate system procurement or operational development?

Our system deliveries are always based on understanding the customer’s maintenance processes and pain points. Our experts bring their diverse expertise to support the customer’s projects, and our system deliveries are based on a conceptualized project implementation model. We provide full support from implementation to the entire lifecycle of the system.

In addition to system deliveries, we assist and support companies in developing maintenance, regardless of the industry or system used. With over 20 years of experience in maintenance development and management, and over 300 own maintenance system customers, we understand the challenges and opportunities faced in the field of maintenance.

Our customers’ experiences with the Novi system


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Valmet – a global snapshot of maintenance in the USA and the world

Valmet North American Roll Service’s 7 different units introduced the Novi by Pinja maintenance system.

Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi

Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi went through many alternative systems and Novi was chosen because of its flexibility, mobility and customizability.

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