Energy, circular economy and natural resources

Digitalization ensures the competitive future of companies in energy and circular economy through their whole lifespan

Digitalization ensures the competitive future of companies in energy and circular economy through their whole lifespan

The energy and circular economy industries are on the brink of a new era. Climate change and the scarcity of natural resources have a major impact on investment decisions and strategic choices. Further, alterations in legislation, supervision and people’s attitudes as well as the current digital revolution contribute to the changing world we live in.

As demand grows, companies struggle with new directives and changes in legislation. The goal and objective of changing legislation is to ensure sustainable development and the diversity of the environment. In the future, more and more focus will also be placed on the origin of materials used in energy production as well as the environmental impacts of production and transportation.

The mechanisms of circular economy in particular can help save natural resources, utilize materials as efficiently and sustainably as possible and promote recycling and reusing materials. However, if you want to stay competitive, you should know how to use digitalization to your benefit.

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What’s happening in energy and circular economy:

The requirements of legislation and reporting to authorities are becoming more strict

Managing material flows aims at better productivity

The significance of software in critical functions becomes more important

Choose an experienced partner who understand the changes in the industry

At Pinja, we offer digital solutions for businesses operating in energy and circular economy sectors for their entire life span.

Our solutions help make your operations more efficient and improve your productivity. We develop solutions that improve the cost efficiency, communications and reliability of your company’s services.

Our experience comes from years of collaboration with our customers. Extensive knowledge and know-how on designing different types of energy utilities and their projects, reporting, supplying material flow management systems and improving the reliability of operation of companies are our strengths. We are your best partner if you’re looking for system maintenance to ensure risk management.

“Digitalization creates brand new chances to utilize natural resources in new and sustainable ways. The accelerating digital change has brought us widely-spread sensors, bigger data flows, improving artificial intelligence, robotics applications, mobile solutions and service platforms. These technologies create completely new business models on every sector, helping companies optimize, automate and totally change pretty much every part of their business. In this way, we can create significant savings in the consumption of energy and materials. ”

Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK),

Solutions to the producers and users of energy and recycled materials, energy suppliers and service companies working in the energy and circular economy sectors

Our customers include energy companies, waste management companies, energy suppliers and service companies working in energy and circular economies throughout their whole lifespan.

We help you design new energy utilities, build services and infrastructures as well as set up cloud services and customer managements systems. We are also in the forefront of designing and implementing applications in the energy and circular economy sectors, such as Flow by Pinja (system making material flows in the circular economy more efficient)Once by Pinja (supply chain management system)Novi by Pinja (maintenance system), and an electronic movement document service that helps support meeting the requirements of the new waste management legislation.

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Flow by Pinja - material flow management and monitoring system

Flow is a powerful, browser-based SaaS system that has been specifically designed to be used in circular economy. Flow brings together people, systems, profitability and data in circular economy. It includes a wide range of reception and scale functions, inventory and reporting functions as well as plug-ins to the customer’s invoicing and ERP systems. A material management system that produces open data in real time can also produce versatile data in all parts of the supply chain and forward reports to different parties in the supply chain.

Once by Pinja - supply chain management system

Once by Pinja is a browser-based SaaS system that helps energy companies to manage data related to the entire supply chain. Once distributes data created in the supply chain in real time to all stakeholders involved in the chain. The system is scalable for supply chain management in case of small individual plants and groups involving several plants alike.

Novi by Pinja - maintenance system

Novi by Pinja is a predictive system for the modern management and development of maintenance. The system digitalizes data related to the management and development of industrial maintenance as well as controls maintenance functions on a day-by-day basis. Novi is suitable for organizations in the circular economy, the production and distribution of electricity and heat, wastewater management and waste recycling. The system can also be used for the maintenance of equipment and property.

IT services

Our IT services are designed to free time for productive and creative work. We help the flow of your everyday operations by taking care of your equipment and systems with products like our IT environment maintenance service.

Business intelligence

Our services cover reporting related to knowledge management and all parts of Business Intelligence. Data from different sources can be merged to help understand what is happening in production and why. Sometimes there is so much data spread between different systems that managing and utilizing it requires a data repository.

Electronic movement document

Modernize transport management and reporting using electronic movement documents

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Oulun Energia

Introduction of the Once system for the management of material flows and reporting of the waste recycling plant.


The importance of material flow management was highlighted in the Waste Management Joint Authority Ekokymppi with the waste reform. Flow…


Once by Pinja allows efficient identification and weighing of chemical loads as well as sending them to the correct destination…

Kuopion Energia

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Pori Energia

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