Software for manufacturing industry

Explore Pinja’s ecosystem that streamline the entire production process.

At the heart of industrial competitiveness is technology and change management

Digitalization fights the traditions, value chain and competitiveness factors of the manufacturing industry, bringing with it many new opportunities to be exploited. Typical features of the manufacturing industry of the 2020s are a decrease in series, an increase in customer requirements and the integration of services into the offering. In the future, companies will be driven to success by new means, such as building a value chain in ecosystems, accelerating development, agility, utilizing new technologies, and leading an even more diverse team of experts.

We at Pinja want to be your guide in production and maintenance digitalization projects by providing a complete ecosystem for the entire production capacity and product life cycle. We challenge our clients to digital-driven change and excellence in production and maintenance planning, as well as daily management. You can find out more about our solutions on this page.

Our software for the manufacturing industry:

Pinja MES - production management system

The Pinja MES system facilitates the overall management of production by gathering production control and the information needed by production in one place.

Gema – production data collection system

Gema by Pinja is an easy and cost-effective way to develop production according to Lean principles.

iPES – production planning and supply chain management system

iPES by Pinja enhances production planning with advanced optimization and simulation technologies.

Novi – maintenance system

Novi by Pinja is a system for modern management and development of preventive maintenance.

Andon – production assistance request and reporting system

Andon by Pinja is a ready-made and easy-to-use system for managing production assistance requests.

Lean consulting and training services

Lean consulting and training services to improve production efficiency.


Simulation is an agile and straightforward way to perform quick experiments in the virtual world before moving on to the actual production.

Total ERP

An ERP system for better interplay from sales to delivery.

Business Intelligence

Expert services in knowledge management of all sectors.

Success stories of our customers

Valmet – a global snapshot of maintenance in the USA and the world

Valmet North American Roll Service’s 7 different units introduced the Novi by Pinja maintenance system.


Veolia is one of the world’s leading environmental companies, helping businesses and public administrations use their resources efficiently. The maintenance…

Metsä Fibre – the world’s most modern sawmill

As a result of the collaboration between Pinja and the leading producer of wood-based bio-products, Metsä Fibre, a common operating…


The leading brand house of wines and spirits in the Nordics, Anora, is developing and managing its operations with the…

Snellman – significant cost savings through more efficient production planning

Enhanced production planning has helped Snellman optimize frozen stock by over 20% and reduce losses due to expiration dates by…