Muster by Pinja

A comprehensive vehicle inspection system for all the needs of inspection companies

Improve the productivity of your vehicle inspection business with a risk-free and versatile SaaS-based ERP

Smooth operational management is one of the cornerstones of a successful vehicle inspection company. In the best case, all daily activities can be managed in one vehicle inspection system. 

The least risky option for implementing a vehicle inspection system is to choose a partner that offers a ready-made system, designed for the vehicle inspection business and honed by years of experience.

Designed for the vehicle inspection business, the system can take into account all the functions required by a vehicle inspection company, help serve customers better, and enable, for example, reporting for a wide range of purposes. The SaaS-based pricing model brings predictability, and enables a very low investment level for the vehicle inspection company.

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The vehicle inspection system helps you:

Serve your customers better with user-friendly online booking and a smooth vehicle inspection process, among other things

Grow your business through optimized resource utilization and automated processes

Get an overall view of the financial and quality control situation through reports

Guide: Why and how to migrate to a SaaS solution in the vehicle inspection business

In the guide, we answer e.g. the following questions:

  • What does a SaaS-based software solution mean in the vehicle inspection business?
  • Why and when to migrate to a SaaS solution?
  • What are the benefits and features of an effective SaaS-based vehicle inspection system?
  • How to calculate costs and effort?

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Simplicity and smoothness in the everyday life of a vehicle inspection company

Muster by Pinja is a versatile vehicle inspection system suitable for both small and large vehicle inspection companies, from single stations to chains with dozens of stations. Muster is already used at more than 500 vehicle inspection stations in Finland and Sweden.

Muster makes everyday life at the vehicle inspection station easy and smooth. Muster integrates into the vehicle inspection company’s operational ecosystem – it can be integrated with all major systems such as billing, marketing and CRM. 

The system includes reception, online appointment booking, payment processing, a user-friendly vehicle inspection tool, inspection and sales reports, external reporting capabilities, as well as product and resource management.


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Smooth everyday life and reliable service

The ready-to-use Muster makes everyday life at the vehicle inspection station run smoothly, from reception to the inspector’s daily work. Muster handles the scheduling of vehicle inspections, cash management, billing, filling in the inspection card and closing inspections. The system is scalable, and it adapts based on usage, so there’s no need to worry about service slowdowns during peak times, for example.

Predictable costs, financial management integrations, and reporting

Costs are predictable due to the SaaS-based pricing model. Muster integrates with all the most common systems, including financial management. Reporting is easy with built-in analytics, and integration with Business Intelligence tools is also possible.

Up-to-date security, a reliable architecture, and regulatory compliance

The security of the Muster system is regularly maintained through objective vulnerability testing. The system is based on the reliable Azure cloud service, which also means that all data is securely stored in the cloud. Muster also meets the requirements of GDPR.

Even more satisfied customers and extensive integration opportunities

Customer satisfaction can be easily monitored by sending an SMS survey after the inspection, the results of which are automatically sent to the BI tool. Customers will also be better served, for example through customizable online appointment booking and electronic inspection certificates. Muster can also be integrated with marketing automation and CRM systems.

Functions of Muster by Pinja

Online booking

  • A ready-made solution
  • API interface for customized implementation
  • Confirmations and reminders by email and SMS
  • Online payments with Verifone, Paytrail or Klarna

Reception functions

  • Secure payments with integrated payment terminals
  • Point of sale
  • Functionalities for B2B and B2C customers
  • Access control
  • Split payments
  • API interface to retrieve B2C customer data
  • Easy refund of payments
  • The system supports multi-site businesses

Vehicle inspection tool

  • A user-friendly tool to guide vehicle inspectors through the inspection process
  • EU fault codes
  • Meets regulatory requirements
  • Integrates with measuring instruments
  • Print and email the inspection certificate (pdf)
  • API interface that allows B2B customers to retrieve roadworthiness data


  • Built-in analytics
  • A data warehouse solution that can be used with Business Intelligence tools
  • Quality control

Product management

  • Customer-specific product groups
  • API interface for external management
  • Flexible price groups
  • Discount codes

Resource management

  • Daily planning
  • Product group planning
  • Copying of resources

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The vehicle inspection business has many operators in Finland and most of them use Pinja’s Muster vehicle inspection system.