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The success of multi-channel commerce and services come from agile digitalization

In recent years, purchases have moved online at an ever-accelerating pace. In addition to consumer sales, even B2B sales have moved online. However, the change in purchasing behavior is only one of the drivers of change in the retail industry.

Digital commerce is facing fierce global competition and therefore, it is increasingly critical to know your customer base and find a competitive advantage. Online product and service comparisons are easy, requiring just one click or two, and customers have become accustomed to appreciating high-quality product information, easy availability, fast delivery and simple purchasing.

Digitalization is an increasingly crucial factor for the success of a service company. According to a survey (*), 72% of growing companies have identified digitalization as a strategic goal. Several of these companies are also exporting their services and planning to expand their international business.


Value creation of a service company through digitalization and user-oriented service design

In order to create a functioning solution, a firm understanding of the complexity of trade practices and ways to make them more efficient is needed. Ease of purchase is developed through rich product information and the seamlessness of a dependable digital commerce solution. Customer satisfaction and smooth workflows enabled by the right tools can help ensure a competitive advantage.

Pinja has extensive experience in the digitalization of businesses in the retail sector and service companies. We know what drives service companies, as we have transformed traditional customer-specific software from selected industries to industry-wide solutions.

We are currently implementing customer-specific digitalization projects for dozens of service companies, and we are involved in creating new types of services in which data volumes and data flows are used in the creation and targeting of new services.

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Digitalization of trade

An agile and flexible user-oriented system suite

We enable the growth of the trade sector with scalable, integrated solutions and new technologies. A responsive and comfortable interface does not require any special user skills, and enables easy and rapid integrations. We are Finland’s most experienced Magento digital commerce expert and help you get the most out of it, also when it comes to product information management with the Akeneo PIM system

A Digital service experience

A smoother and more efficient digital commerce service process

We are able to provide the best comprehensive solution for the entire order-supply chain of the business and ensure a smooth deployment. By ensuring even smoother work and information management, we enable the growth of order volumes, as well as fast and reliable delivery. We also help develop the discoverability of your digital commerce and a digital service experience that supports growth.

Growth partnership & trade process development

Digitalization and change management of multi-channel sales

We provide people- and process-oriented trade expertise and growth partnerships. We help you digitize multi-channel sales and develop processes and ERP in the trade sector. We invest in continuous support and partnership for growth.

eCommerce solutions

We have solid experience especially in challenging B2C and B2B implementations. Our digital commerce solutions are customized, scalable and enhanced by sophisticated integrations. We implement integrations to e.g. ERP systems, product information management systems, payment terminals and payment intermediaries. Integrations make the use of the digital commerce more agile and automated.

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Product information management

We help maintaining and publishing product information easy, efficient and fast with leading systems and solutions. The advantages of a product information management solution we deploy are especially evident when operating in several markets, selling to different target groups or using product information on several channels or in several languages. In addition, we bring along trade experts and our years of experience in the use and development of systems.

Check out our Akeneo PIM product information management solution

Our customers' experiences

Veikon Kone

In cooperation with Pinja, Veikon Kone has managed to increase its sales and profitability.


Minimani made the strategic decision to consider digital commerce a key business area, and chose Pinja, known for its ICT…


Customer orientation is at the heart of the company, and this value is also supported by the specialized ERP system…

Urjalan Makeistukku

During the years of cooperation, Urjalan Makeistukku’s turnover has doubled, which has also required continuous development from Pinja.

Rajala Pro Shop

Pinja has implemented Rajala’s online stores, and enabled smooth order processing and inventory management, as well as customer management.


The cooperation between Pinja and Punanaamio once again reached a significant milestone – a reform of the online store.


The vehicle inspection business has many operators in Finland and most of them use Pinja’s Muster vehicle inspection system.

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Productivity solutions for office and information work

Secure and transparent cooperation with a competent IT partner.

Software development partnership for service companies

A listening, visionary and client-focused software development partnership.

Business Intelligence and data warehousing solutions for service companies

Leverage our refined operating model to make Power BI reporting smarter.

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We are your guide to multi-channel sales and delivery process development, and customer-centric growth. We act as a growth partner for digital sales and support change management.