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Direct support information

Pinja’s support services

From the Pinja Service Desk pages and Zendesk pages, you can submit support requests for Pinja products or services in use, and monitor their progress. Below you will find direct quick links or contact information about Pinja’s support of different products and services.

Please note: If you do not have the credentials needed for the support pages, you can get them by calling the support number you received for the product or service. If you have lost the support number, submit a support request with the title “Other support request”.

Muster Service Desk

Muster by Pinja support requests.

Once Support

Once by Pinja support requests.

Pinja OE Service Desk

Support requests for Gema by Pinja, iPES by Pinja, Andon by Pinja, Novi by Pinja and 5 S Audit, Machine Track, Maint, and TyPe systems.

IT Services SD

Support requests for IT, IT outsourcing, Microsoft 365, and production IT environment maintenance services.

BI Support

Business Intelligence support requests.

HCL Support

Support requests for HCL services.

Digital Commerce Support

Support requests for Magento 2 and Woocommerce online stores, Akeneo PIM, and Total Commerce ERP by Pinja systems.

Direct support information

Log support requests (contractors/machine entrepreneurs):

+358 10 347 2115

Forest by Pinja support requests:

+358 10 347 2160

Timber by Pinja support requests:

+358 10 347 2114

Terminal by Pinja support requests:

The Terminal by Pinja system is included in the Forest by Pinja and Timber by Pinja products. Contact our support team according to the product you use

Total ERP by Pinja support requests:

+358 40 711 5901


+358 10 347 2600

General support

+358 10 347 2799

Contact information and invoicing information

Contact information for people and locations can be found here.

You can find our billing information here.

Other support request

There are direct support numbers for our services, which are given when the service is introduced. In case the phone number has not been received or it is lost, you can request the number again via a contact form or by calling our general support number: +358 10 347 2799.