Terminal by Pinja

ERP system for raw materials in the wood processing and sawmilling industry

Modernizing the wood processing and sawmilling industry – manage raw materials conveniently in one system

A significant part of the daily life of sawmill and wood processing operators consists of managing raw materials. Several truckloads of them come in and finished goods go out each day. The quality of all incoming raw materials must be determined, and the loads must also be sorted to the right places in the warehouse.

In addition, for new orders, the stocks of raw materials and the quantity and quality of incoming timber must be known in order to keep the agreed delivery time and quality.

If the above are based on spreadsheets, papers, or even a person’s memory, or if the information is behind a certain person, it is difficult to manage everyday life. If several truckloads of raw materials arrive at the yard at the same time, logistics such as load scheduling need to be in order.

However, the reception and management of raw materials does not have to be chaotic. Managing it all in one system saves time, money, and nerves.

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When the raw material management is in one system

1. Information on incoming loads is available in advance, making it easy to schedule loads. Incoming raw material passes through the receiving area and ends up at the right places in the warehouse.

2. All events and information are visible in real time to everyone, for example at group level.

3. The reception process is transparent, and modern information exchange provides seamless transparency also to raw material suppliers.

4. All information is in a clear digital format, reducing the chance of human error.

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Our forest industry system solution for sawmill and wood processing ERP

With Terminal by Pinja, you can streamline operations from contract management, receiving and sending all materials, maintaining inventory information and performing billing. Terminal by Pinja is used by more than 40 wood processing and sawmill operators in Finland, Sweden and several Baltic countries.

The modern SaaS-based system can be used to manage e.g. contracts with versatile pricing, advance information on incoming loads, arrange trucks in the desired unloading order, automatically identify trucks and control raw material measurement (log gauge, weighing, volume measurement) and unloading events.

The system can be used to monitor the storage of raw materials (pcs/m3) and to manage automatic raw material depreciations based on consumption. The location, value and purpose of the storage locations are known at all times. This all occurs in real time, quickly and cost-effectively. Actual deliveries from e.g. other plants are transferred electronically within the system.

Terminal also provides ready-to-use interfaces to most financial management software and other commonly used data transfer methods in the industry. Integration of production line equipment and by-product management in the system is easy.


Log reception

  • Interface for bridge scales and log gauges
  • Modulation and maintenance of module tables
  • Complete reception reporting
  • Reference log functionality, possibility to interface with Masser scissors
  • Re-sorting and management of intermediate storage loads
  • Adding log stock to the compartments/log categories coming from the log meter
  • Electronic data transfer for forestry companies (OVT/ForestHub)
  • Log contracts and contract monitoring
  • Weighing and collective management

Log stock

  • Real-time log stock: pcs, m3, running meter
  • Reporting on a specific date and time
  • Reducing log stock using the interface
    • Possibility to automate reduction as well
  • Event reporting
  • Log stock price based on estimated ex-works price or actual factory price
  • Inventory functions

Log pile management

Forklift application for log handling and log stock management is also available for Terminal by Pinja. It allows you to see which sorting pockets are full and prevents the mixing of log categories in the warehouse. 

Sawmill work orders are visible in real time. The software tells you how much more log classes are needed for the sawing batch in progress and what the next sawing work order will be.

The mini application also keeps up-to-date information on the number of storage locations. The application can also suggest a suitable storage location based on the configuration.

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