Total ERP by Pinja

– an ERP system that keeps your company’s processes flexible and changeable

An ERP system for better interplay from sales to delivery

As the business develops, ERP systems also need flexibility and adaptability.  The Total ERP by Pinja system has been developed to streamline work, not accounting. Our ERP system adapts to your company’s processes and integrates with the necessary financial management systems and BI solutions. Total ERP by Pinja will guide your company to an even better interplay in managing sales, production and deliveries.

In addition to a scalable system, you also need a partner who delivers on its promises and is able to respond to change and development need, even during a single phone call. With Total ERP by Pinja, you get all the features at your disposal without the need for signing a long contract. Flexibility and reliability are not just words for us, but everyday actions.

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Total ERP by Pinja keeps your company’s processes flexible and changeable

Work-guiding efficiency from sales to production, deliveries and installations.

Ready-made integration interfaces for different systems. We respond to change needs with a very short response time.

Partnership in ERP development, without unexpected costs.

Total ERP by Pinja – work-guiding efficiency from sales to production, deliveries and installations

The easy-to-use, mobile and cloud-based Total ERP by Pinja system has been developed to streamline work, not accounting. Pre-built modules and interfaces allow for rapid deployment of features and flexible scaling of the system.

With Total ERP by Pinja, you solve many everyday challenges. As a partner, we have experience in the special needs of e.g. housing factories, direct sales organizations and construction companies. We have developed a comprehensive set of tools to guide the day-to-day management of companies. This includes everything from playlist management to complex offer calculations, production and installation resource allocation and scheduling. The system includes ready-made integrations with various financial management and accounting programs, as well as Business Intelligence solutions.

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Total ERP by Pinja

Customer relationship management

  • Customer register
  • Contact management
  • Customer communications
  • Salesman calendar

Offer calculation and order management

  • Offers/contracts
  • Sales and purchase orders

Titles and stock management

  • Titles
  • Title price lists
  • Product structures
  • Stock management
  • Reporting

Manufacturing and production management

  • Work queues
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Loads and deliveries

Calendars and map applications

  • Installation calendar
  • Delivery calendar
  • Production calendar
  • Map positioning

Financial management

  • Sales ledger
  • E-invoincing
  • Cost tracking
  • Accounting records
  • Salary data

Service and reclamations

  • Service contracts
  • Service calendars
  • Reclamations

Business Intelligence -integrations

  • Complete integration with Microsoft Power BI

Why Total ERP by Pinja?

Practical and further development of new features is our strength. All functionalities of the ERP system are ready for you to use, thus ensuring the rapid implementation of new features, without tedious configuration steps.

Behind Total ERP by Pinja is an experienced team of developers and long-term development work with our clients. We promise to be present and solve the challenges of everyday life even in a phone call instead of months. We do not tie down our clients and ask them to hold on for new updates.

We listen to them and are always ready to customize the software as needed. All the features of the system are at your disposal without fixed-term contracts, because we want to be worthy of your trust every single day.

Partnership in ERP development, without unexpected costs!

As partners, we bring to the table our strong industry expertise from the perspective of process development, especially in the house building and installation business, as well as the construction industry and the operations of direct sales organizations. We invest in a solution-focused partnership to minimize the challenges associated with both system procurement and deployment.

We configure our modular ERP system to suit all of your requirements, and act as your guide from the definition phase to deployment, as well as continuous development. We have the accuracy and skills needed to keep system project costs under control without hidden costs and unexpected additional charges.

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Finish the ERP project with clear steps:

Assessment of processes and needs

Technology alone doesn’t change anything – it’s the people who create the change. We ensure the prerequisites for a successful work by assessing and identifying the current challenges, as well as the goals of growth. We help define and prioritize the goals by leveraging our long experience and industry-specific expertise.

Customization of modules and integrations

The configuration of pre-built modules, as well as the interfaces to other systems enable fast deployment of features and flexible scaling. Modularity also enables further development of company-specific features. For example, Total ERP by Pinja does not require you to replace your accounting software but integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

Supported and managed deployment

As a partner, we will lead the deployment of the system reform. Cost-effective implementation is the result of successful design and the ability to respond to new needs. We respond quickly to deployment change requests, and train administrators to take advantage of the software.

Continuous development and partnership

The growth of a company is the result of constant management of change and the overall process. Further development and the rapid introduction of new modules and integrations are key to implementing the needed changes quickly. We do not have fixed-term contracts because we promise to be present every day. This means that you’ll never have to change your ERP system again.

An ERP system tailored just for you?

At Pinja, we create system solutions by listening our customers. We can customize the ERP solution that is right for you by using Total ERP modules.

Your organization’s ERP system can also be implemented as a fully customized software project or subcontracting service. Here, too, we offer our extensive industry and software development expertise.

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