Gema by Pinja

Production data collection and control system.

A modern production monitoring system is an important part of the modern production process

A production monitoring system collects and records information on the different stages and processes of production. The purpose of monitoring is to ensure that production works properly, and to assess its efficiency and quality. The real-time snapshot that monitoring provides helps you make decisions that optimally lead to more efficient production, cost savings, and improved quality. The rapid detection of anomalies allows for a rapid response, and thus helps minimize their adverse effects.

However, the information gathered by machines is not enough: a person, usually a production worker, is needed to enrich the information. A modern production monitoring system is easy to use, and it guides the worker to do and report things like deviations and quality checks in a timely and efficient manner.

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3 good reasons to use the Gema production monitoring system

Real-time production snapshot visible to all who need it.

Finding the root causes of production problems quickly and efficiently.

An easy-to-use system guides operators in their daily work.

Digitized production data in support of shop floor management

The key factors for excellent production daily management are reliable and real-time data collection from production, modern management of maintenance and production planning, and data visualization that improves understanding. High-quality and real-time data forms the basis for daily decision-making. Fact-based predictions can improve production efficiency by as much as dozens of percent.

Production shop floor management is done on the factory floor. Production supervision will get together with operative employees at a common meeting, where the visualization of production key figures and deviations, participation, and data sharing play the key roles.

The benefits of the Gema production monitoring system

Digitized production data in support of shop floor management

With digital production data, you can manage and develop manufacturing and people, based on reliable, real-time information.

Employees as knowledge enrichers

Involve employees and operators in the development of activities as knowledge enrichers.

Easy documentation

With an easy-to-use system, you can reduce errors and improve the quality and quantity of your records.

Scalable system

A flexible and scalable system enables your business to grow and develop.

Visual data

The system visualizes the collected and enriched data into information in a single, clear user interface.

A SaaS solution or on-premise installation

Flexible installation on the client’s server or on Pinja’s high-performance and secure public cloud.

160+ Customers

340+ Applications

18+ Different countries

10+ Different languages

20 000+ Machine connections

100 000+ Deleted waste hours

Gema by Pinja – production data collection and control system

Gema by Pinja is a modern production monitoring system that can be complemented into a full-fledged MES solution with the desired features. The system is an easy and cost-effective way to develop production according to Lean principles.

Gema brings together in a single dashboard view all the information streams required to perform, develop, and manage competitive manufacturing. The system informs, guides, and provides feedback on success for the production operator in a visual and clear way. For production management, the system helps calculate and monitor key production metrics. The system is available as a SaaS solution or as an on-premise installation. The system is mobile-optimized and easy to use on any device.

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Gema features

More efficient and streamlined production through system collaboration

Gema collects all the data required for competitive manufacturing, whether it’s about production execution, development, or management. On the other hand, the Novi maintenance system is designed to support and facilitate daily maintenance work and operational improvement.

When maintenance and production work seamlessly together, a company’s efficiency and productivity can significantly improve. The integration of Novi and Gema systems ensures that the technical prerequisites for collaboration are in place, making it easy to record maintenance actions and interventions, while providing the necessary information in the right format and at the right time for all stakeholders to access.

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Our customers’ experiences:


Pinja’s production data collection and control system supports decision-making and investments in Peikko Group’s international factory environment.


Vahterus is a developer and global market leader in welded plate heat exchanger technology. The complex production is developed with…


The Brewery company Olvi has been producing beverages since 1878 and currently operates in Finland, Baltic countries, Denmark, and Belarus.…

Fazer Makeiset

Lappeenranta’s Fazer confectionery factory updated its maintenance system by deploying Novi by Pinja – now installers can perform their job…


Cooperation with Pinja has enabled Panda to manage the maintenance of their plant without outsourcing.


Analytical monitoring of production began at the end of 2007 by introducing the Machine Track by Pinja system.

Meyer Turku

At the moment, Machine Track is used to monitor the operations of 17 numerically controlled automated machines.


Thanks to Pinja's systems, the maintenance work done to Teknikum's machines has become more efficient and the number of interruptions…


The leading brand house of wines and spirits in the Nordics, Anora, is developing and managing its operations with the…


Tibnor introduced Machine Track by Pinjan to further develop the operations of their entire plant.

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