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Reliable omnichannel eCommerce solutions

We deliver customized omnichannel eCommerce solutions for B2B and B2C clients using robust, scalable, extensible, and future-proof solutions. All solutions are united by their customizability, scalability, and ease of management.

Pinja’s eCommerce solutions are suitable for medium and large online retailers alike, but a partnership with Pinja is especially beneficial for retailers looking for growth. Choose reliability and integrability with ERP systems, product information management and POS systems. These provide a solid platform for eCommerce to grow to international scale. As the number of products and orders grows, the automation of product management, inventory management and processes saves time and money.

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Three reasons to choose Pinja's eCommerce solution:

The perfect solution when you want an eCommerce that’s flexible and able to adapt to ever-changing customer behaviour or the special needs of your btob business

World's leading system solutions also bring flexibility, openness and safety in the selection of the development partner

Scalability with ready-made features and development opportunities

Why choose Pinja as an eCommerce supplier?

We have special expertise in integrations

Pinja has been providing tailored eCommerce solutions since 1997. Our special strength is our experience in creating demanding integrations. We implement integrations to e.g. ERP systems, product information management systems, payment terminals and payment intermediaries. Integrations make eCommerce more agile and automated.

In addition to our solid expertise in multichannel commerce, you will gain access to an experienced and committed development team that implements a functional eCommerce solution, taking your business to new heights.

We understand how a superior customer experience in eCommerce is created

We have hands-on experience in designing and developing eCommerces for B2C and B2B businesses. The service design and digital shopping paths are an integral part of our user interface design. We support your continuous development of the site, as well as high-quality search engine optimization (SEO).

The systems themselves offer a wide range of ready-made functionalities that can be further enriched with a selection of add-ons developed by Pinja. However, if your eCommerce requires functionality that is not yet available in our range, we will create them for you.

The toughest experts and expertise in the omnichannel commerce

We know the Adobe/Magento eCommerce solution inside out and have solid experience in creating particularly challenging B2B/B2C eCommerce deliveries. According to our customers, we can be distinguished from other eCommerce suppliers by our ability to create eCommerce packages that truly improve the efficiency of the business and isn’t a mere installation of various additional features.

In addition, we have long experience in the design and operation of trade systems, as our digital commerce service offering includes a PIM (Product Information Management) solution for managing multi-channel product information.

Get started with the eCommerce solution with Pinja’s pre-study

In the pre-studies or definition projects of eCommerce projects, we also discuss the development of the eCommerce customer experience, which includes an assessment of the customer service and digital service.

In the pre-study, our common task is to identify the needs of the company and the consumer, and find solutions for them. For this reason, people from different parts of the customer’s organization, such as logistics, customer service, IT services etc. are invited to join the pre-study. The end user or service user is also often involved in the process.

The pre-study is carried out in workshops, where we define the key business processes, current systems, functionalities, challenges and future development needs.

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Pinja’s eCommerce pre-study includes:

Definition of the current state and objectives of trade

  • Basic trade information and current status
  • Current systems and integrations – benefits and challenges
  • Basic customer processes and functions
  • Marketing, search engines and content management
  • Analytics and reporting needs
  • Future development goals


  • Based on the pre-study, Pinja will prepare a proposal for the main requirements and the system of the future solution
  • The report is freely available to the customer

Solution proposal and next steps

  • For the customer, the proposal serves as an idea-provoker and a good basis for a realistic workload estimate of the solution

Customer success stories

Veikon Kone

In cooperation with Pinja, Veikon Kone has managed to increase its sales and profitability.


Minimani made the strategic decision to consider digital commerce a key business area, and chose Pinja, known for its ICT…


In addition to the technical implementation of the online store, Pinja has also designed the layout of HalpaHalli’s online store…

Urjalan Makeistukku

During the years of cooperation, Urjalan Makeistukku’s turnover has doubled, which has also required continuous development from Pinja.