Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning bring new efficiency to production and the supply chain

AI and machine learning to boost supply chain efficiency and production, and save time for sustainable innovation

AI has already revolutionized competition in industrial production, supply chain, and knowledge management. In practice, AI is already more than just a service that generates text or images. Our early-adopting clients of AI and machine learning solutions have improved their efficiency in unprecedented ways, and found new innovations in management. Learning, predictive and highly automated production planning is one example of how companies can improve their efficiency and act more responsibly.

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What are artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning?

Artificial Intelligence

A high-level concept describing the ability of a machine to use human intelligence skills such as reasoning or planning.

Machine learning

A branch of AI where a machine improves its performance by learning autonomously from data.

Deep learning

A method using multilayer neural networks, where the system recognizes unpredictable variables without precise programming.

How do you successfully apply AI and machine learning?

To support decision-making

Intelligent analytical tools provide insights, identify patterns and make predictions from increasingly large amounts of data. Decision-making is based on information.

  • Better forecasting of sales and production, automatic detection of trends and anomalies.
  • Student data collected from schools can be used to predict the number of graduates and drop-outs.
  • You provide customers with tailored recommendations and services, improving customer satisfaction and experience. 

More automation in everyday work

Automating manual tasks frees up time for more meaningful work, and reduces the chances of errors.

  • Production planning automatically uses AI-generated data to schedule production.
  • Automation of production processes and logistics, such as transport route planning.
  • You’ll detect deviations early, improving quality management, helping reduce waste and improve product quality.

Getting the most out of existing solutions

Automating and optimizing processes saves time and money. Productivity increases, and flexibility is enhanced.

  • In production, machine learning brings greater controllability to demand and production planning, reducing idle machinery and raw material waste, for example. 
  • Inventory management is optimized in terms of the raw materials needed, while providing more forecasting capabilities. 
  • Correctly allocate the necessary production machinery and human resources according to seasonal variations and peaks in demand.

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How Fresh Servant made its production more efficient with machine learning

Fresh Servant has grown to become a major player in the fresh food sector, and wants to revolutionize the way we think about food. Their success is driven by powerful digital solutions such as machine learning-based demand forecasting. These help the company improve production efficiency and reduce waste.

Previously, forecasts were done manually, but the new applications save time and allow staff to focus on more productive tasks. Read more about the success story, how the collaboration went, and the benefits Fresh Servant gained from machine learning.

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Machine learning brings accuracy to business forecasts

When incorporating machine learning into reporting, the first step is to define the objectives and areas to be studied. The project also requires the collection and storage of a sufficient amount of relevant data in a usable format, usually in a data warehouse. Read more in our expert blog on how to use machine learning to improve the accuracy of business forecasts and the steps involved.

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The potential of modelling: using the digital twin in industry

A digital twin is a virtual replica of a living or inanimate entity, and offers the possibility to incorporate various elements from the original entity for simulation.

Download the guide to learn more about the concept of the digital twin, its benefits, and different uses. You will also learn how it is constructed, and the starting points for how you can put it to use. Digital twins and simulation provide a good basis for AI solutions.

Download the expert guide Using the digital twin in industry

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