Digital society

Practical Digital Partnership for Building a Smart Society

The goal is an equal, accessible, and efficient digital solution

In building a digital society, public administration associations, infrastructure actors such as energy production/distribution and telecom operators, financial actors, and service companies operating in a novel manner play an important role.

Digital society can thrive if developed with people’s well-being and streamlining of the daily operation of service companies in mind.  Various digitalization projects generate completely new business on the markets, in the building of which service design and technology play a significant role. In the pursuit for success, service providers have an important role to play in maintaining the equality and accessibility of services.

On the other hand, above all, digitalization is change management. We are facing a common challenge that requires incorporation of new ways of activity, new culture, and new technology into the daily life of the user of a service or solution. Legislation, such as data security requirements related to the solution, often add their own flavour to digital projects.

Why should you choose the partner of digitalization project carefully?

The digitalizing society challenges every organization and decision-maker to consider the following:

Their role as part of digital society and operating culture

Their procedures and change management ability

Their skills in utilization of technology

Choose for your digitalization projects a partner capable of coping with digital industry challenges

In digitalization projects, choosing the right partner is a crucial precondition to success. If you want to ensure the success of your project, choose a partner with in-depth knowledge of digital change management and industrial production of digital services. A skilful partner knows the relation between digitalization and productivity – how to automate routines, minimize redundant and unnecessary work, and free up time for creativity and decision-making.

Because of this, experience in service design, software services production, cloud platforms, and cross-system automation should be expected from the partner. In addition, expertise is required in data communication automation, maintenance and support of digital services and products, and, above all, experience in the industrial approach to the production of digital services.

Our solutions for ensuring a sustainable digital society

Pinja has extensive know-how in digitalization projects of public sector services and service companies operation. We are familiar with the soul of a service company, since we have ample experience in transforming traditional customer-specific software into broader industry solutions.

We participate in the creation of novel services, in which case masses of data and information flows are utilized in the setup and targeting of new services. In addition, we know from our own experience that fluency of everyday life is at the heart of the digitalization projects of the public sector and service companies, and are aware of what a growing and changing expert organization needs to succeed.

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Business Intelligence

Our services cover knowledge management-related reporting and all areas of Business Intelligence. At the heart of our activity is improving the customer’s skills.


Our integration service platform (IPa by Pinja) enables connecting new systems to pre-existing solutions, integrating current systems for automatic data transfer, and streamlining existing processes.

Software development and partnership

We are at your service in digital business model brainstorming, service design, planning, implementation, commissioning, and support.

Cloud Services

Pinja is your partner for secure cloud migration and management. We provide know-how to make software and the cloud speak the same language.

IT services

Pinja’s IT services are designed to free up time for productive and creative work. We take care of equipment and systems to keep your daily life running smoothly.

Our customers' experiences:

Prima Power

Prima Power harnesses Pinja’s IoT solutions and expert services to support development and innovation

Kuntien Tiera

The main goal of the cooperation was the overhaul of the SVPS system. The partnership with Pinja has brought the…


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Why Pinja?

People at Pinja are excellent industry and technology experts. Our operation is based on flexibility, since we believe that no customers or needs are exactly the same. We are relaxed and customer-oriented top professionals, ones who work transparently. We will respond quickly to your needs and assemble the right team and service solution for the situation.

“We chose Pinja as our partner based on their expertise and experience, which guarantees the success of innovation projects in our industry.”
Eetu Koski, CEO, Evondos Oy

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We are involved in the digitalization of the daily lives of Finland’s largest expert organizations. We are currently implementing customer-specific business digitalization projects for dozens of service companies. Our support and maintenance service customers include hundreds of public sector organizations, engineering, architectural, legal, advertising, and communications agencies, as well as consultancy firms.