Product information management

Centralized and cost-effective product information management

Enriched data sells better – centralize product information management in one system

Product information management (PIM) is a solution for easy and centralized organization of product-related information. PIM can be used to manage technical product information, marketing descriptions, videos, manuals, and imagery, especially when the content is distributed across multiple channels.

One of the most difficult but also most important parts of digital commerce is producing and maintaining quality content. Therefore, real-time and centralized product information management is extremely important in digital commerce. With PIM, you can save hundreds of man-hours while improving your customer shopping experience.

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3 reasons to invest in product information management:

More efficient processes: centralized management and use of automations

Competitive advantage: Consistent and rich product information right at the time of purchase – a strong and consistent brand image across all channels

Supporting international growth: local channels – ease of translation and shorter time-to-market

Product information management

PIM (Product Information management) is a cost-effective and centralized product information management system that allows product information to be conveniently managed from one place. With Akeneo PIM, you speed up the time-to-market of your products and ensure global timeliness of product information in all sales channels. The benefits of Akeneo PIM for sales growth and improved shopping experience are significant.

Akeneo PIM

Automation improves work productivity

  • Mass enrichment
  • Automatic categorization according to product characteristics is easier and more efficient with PIM

Conversion growth of eCommerce

  • Rich product information reduces the number of abandoned shopping carts
  • Makes it easier to complete the purchase

Quick introduction of new sales channels

  • With PIM, product information can be easily distributed centrally to different channels, even new ones

International growth

  • Locally enriched, personalized data
  • Easier, more efficient management of language versions

Improved SEO

  • Search engines love rich, relevant, structured and up-to-date product information
  • Digital commerce optimization is easier: Keywords, metadata, titles, and in-site links (cross-selling, related products)

Fewer product returns

  • The richer, more structured and more accurate product information the customer receives, the better his or her purchase decision is informed, which will eliminate surprises once the product is delivered

Larger average purchase

  • Studies show that customers often care about experience than price when making purchasing decisions and are willing to pay for a better customer experience
  • Additional sales are easier with more efficient cross-selling and related product management

Quick response to trends

  • Centralized product information management makes it easy to respond to changing trends, build campaigns and highlight the most topical and popular products

Why deploy Akeneo PIM with Pinja?

We have solid expertise in the overall systems of the retail industry, and product information plays an important, ever-increasing role in this. We help make the maintenance and publication of product information easy, efficient and fast with the Akeneo PIM solution. The advantages of the PIM solution we deploy are especially evident when operating in several markets, selling to different target groups or using product information on several channels or in several languages.

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Integration expertise

We will deploy integrations with the necessary systems, as well as possible extensions to Akeneo, where we have e.g. the only ready-made integration to the Adobe/Magento eCommerce platform in the market. By automating data integration, we reduce the amount of manual work and potential errors.

Managing diverse channels from a single system enables the integration of actual time-to-market information into all necessary channels: digital commerce, catalogs, sales materials, resellers.  We also integrate information into your logistics needs, such as postage/shipment, materials, hazardous materials, size and weight.

We build the solution together

We always deploy a product management solution that meets the client’s requirements. The client is involved in the planning and deployment of the PIM, which we guarantee an appropriate suite with. We deploy, train and provide support throughout the lifecycle of the PIM system.

During the project, you will have access to an expert project manager and an experienced development team who will deploy a complete solution that works for your company. After the project, we will offer our clients user support and maintenance services, as well as further development to meet the needs of the evolving business.

Trade expertise

Our long experience in the design and delivery of multi-channel retail systems provides us a broad vision for the development of product information management. We are not afraid to implement challenging digital commerce solutions on the Magento 2 platform for our medium and large client companies.

With this digital trade solution, many of our customers have found an invincible competitive advantage in the growth and profitability of multi-channel commerce.

Start the development of product information management with the Pinja PIM condition survey

You can start the development of product information management with the Pinja PIM assessment survey. The assessment survey identifies and describes existing business processes from the perspective of product information.

Pinja PIM assessment survey covers:

  • systems related to the management, sharing and use of product information and roles in the business process
  • assessing the company’s current challenges related to product information maintenance, processes and use
  • assessing the current state of the company’s product information and the creation of a plan for information management in the future

The main goals of Pinja PIM condition survey are:

  • Find out the current state and challenges of product information
  • Document the current status of product information and processes and thereby enable the assessment of needs within the product information management deployment project, as well as the selection of systems
  • Enables accurate, gradual, and business-prioritized progress

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