Software development and partnership

Transparent software development partnership from vision to implementation

A listening, visionary and client-focused software development partnership

Digitalization and the use of new technologies enable new ways of doing and growing the business. Responding digitally to changing client needs requires vision, diverse expertise and the ability to react quickly.

At Pinja, we offer a software development partnership to ensure that you have the digital solutions needed for meeting the needs of your customers. Pinja’s dedicated professionals develop, code and care. Open and knowledgeable collaboration and client focus lead to digital solutions that your customers value in their daily lives.

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Pinja has decades of experience in deploying demanding and business-critical digitalization solutions. We understand what development work requires so that the end customer gets added value and can trust the solution. We ensure that our experts engage as part of your business.

In Pinja’s partnership model, cooperation is genuinely transparent. We ensure up-to-date communication throughout the partnership: in the service design, planning, implementation, deployment, maintenance and support of the digital business model. The partnership model ensures that you can work on your own if necessary. We have made the development partnership a truly profitable way to grow and develop digital services for your customers.

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Transparent and managed development cooperation

Service design and prototyping

Usability and accessibility

Technical definition

Experts and teamwork

Ongoing development services

Support and administration

A transparent partnership in software development – for the benefit of your customers

Business model & communication

We bring clear processes and a flexible everyday operating model to support development. We commit to our work, stay on schedule, and communicate about changes. Commitment, interaction and enthusiasm are our proven strengths, and we use them to ensure your customers’ experience and satisfaction. Transparency and responsibility are also reflected by the fact that, if necessary, we make sure that you can continue using the solution on your own.

Development & consulting

The development focuses on your customer and goals. We know that a common understanding of goals creates both trust and peace of mind. Understanding real customer needs bring vision to development, and provides the right, sustainable direction. Therefore, partnership means sharing knowledge in both directions and being able to listen. We tell you realistically and honestly what to do and why.

Experts & teamwork

We are proud of our diverse and comprehensive expertise. In addition to a consulting approach, we can bring clarity to the management and predictability of development costs. As a partner, we aim to keep you up-to-date on alternative technologies and implementation models. Together, we ensure the right choices that serve your customers and business in the future.

Client experiences of software development

Prima Power

Prima Power harnesses Pinja’s IoT solutions and expert services to support development and innovation

Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association

The Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association (STK) acts as a promoter of the competitiveness of the electrical trade sector and as…


The cooperation between the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) and Pinja on integration services started in spring 2022,…


DigiFinland Oy promotes digital development in the Finnish social welfare and rescue sector and ICT compatibility in public administration. DigiFinland…

Kuntien Tiera

The main goal of the cooperation was the overhaul of the SVPS system. The partnership with Pinja has brought the…


We worked with Pinja in designing the Evondos® medication dosage service, with which the number of errors has been radically…


The collaboration with Pinja has provided Jamix with a wide range of added value, making the software even more usable…


Pinja built us a distributor portal in which we can share information about our products either publicly or on each…


Since there are not many Finnish companies providing software services for medical equipment that meet the requirements of the healthcare…


The new service provided by Pinja can be used anywhere and anytime.

Software development starts with a skilled team

We have experienced professionals that are committed to fruitful partnerships, coding and care. When you need extra pairs of hands, expertise, or an entire development team, with outsourcing, our experts become a part of your company and team. We communicate and document our work in a transparent way so that the know-how stays inside your company and also enables independent further development. We at Pinja take care of our employees so that everyone has a desire to help and communicate openly throughout the partnership.

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