As a developer of digital solutions, we serve industry, service companies, retailers and public sector organizations with more than 30 years of experience.

Software for manufacturing industry

Explore the ecosystem of Pinja’s systems to streamline the entire production process.

Software for forest industry

Know the worth of your work – develop and lead your business with the industry’s own ERP solution.

Software for bioenergy industry and circular economy

Solutions to the providers and users of energy and recycled material as well as the energy and circular economy businesses.

Software for trade and service businesses

System solutions to ensure the profitable growth of omnichannel sales.

Digital Business

Software development, business intelligence, IT and cloud service solutions.

Clients in 30 countries

The SaaS software (Software as as Service) produced by Pinja is used around the world. Our clients use them daily in 30 countries to streamline the many needs of their business.

30+ years of experience in the industry

Pinja has been digitizing its customers’ business and producing software as packaged services since the 1990s. We have an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business environments and operating practices in selected fields.

Specialized services throughout the lifecycle

We advise on the best combination of practical digitalization and management models and the best software solutions in the world, and provide in-depth knowledge of adapting technology to business needs.

24/7 services

Our software products are used continuously as a SaaS service. We offer support services, IT and cloud services adapted to critical production environments at a service level tailored to your needs.