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AI and industry-leading SaaS services for competitive advantage in supply chain, industrial production, and sustainable business

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Smart solutions as drivers of change in supply chain and production management

Develop, save, and lead in a new way

Manual work and outdated systems undermine competitive advantage. Industry-leading solutions help you save on material and energy costs, and free up time for creativity and leadership.

With our solutions, you get immediate efficiency gains and the ability to manage your business in a new way. A digital, transparent way of working accelerates an organization’s ability to learn and innovate.

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Transparent sustainability

Customers, investors, and society demand transparency in the sustainability of production and supply chains. Without a digitalization solution designed for the industry to adapt to new requirements, reporting can be a burden for the organization.

Pinja’s solutions help you develop sustainable production, supply chain, and business operations, and meet your demonstration obligations in ESG reporting. We help you with your green transition development projects with off-the-shelf software solutions and knowledge management.

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Making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is changing the competitive landscape in a way that can put many people at great risk of becoming spectators. With AI, you can anticipate changing factors quickly.

With Pinja’s AI and machine learning solutions, our clients have achieved more than 10% savings in material efficiency, reduced their inventories by 30%, and optimized their production and supply chain in a whole new way.

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A handprint of sustainability with our clients

We have been alongside our clients on thousands of transformation journeys. Our clients are typically companies with a strong desire to secure a future or make a transformation. Transformation journeys come from business-critical areas – securing supply chain, production, maintenance and continuity, knowledge management, and creating new business models.

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10–50% Reduced material waste through artificial intelligence

100% Green energy through supply chain optimization

>30% Less stock and storage space with simulation and AI

20–50% Improved utilization rate on the production line

Our pledge

A sustainable choice

Our pledge is to help you operate not only more efficiently, but also more sustainably in production, supply chain, and business operations with our solutions. Our service production is also designed to minimize energy use, and ensure continuous improvement, including skills development.

Industry-leading products and services

Our products are built for specific industry needs, and are used by hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of users around the world. Our products and services are designed to withstand the critical needs of international business in terms of data security, availability, and end-user support.

Love of data and results

We don’t just deliver systems. We help you through the different stages of the transition by providing advice, guidance, and training. We are united by a passion for data and results.

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Fresh Servant – machine learning to boost production

Fresh Servant, the market leader in consumer-packaged salads, is increasingly using machine learning-based sales forecasts and efficient application development in…

Metsä Fibre – the world’s most modern sawmill

As a result of the collaboration between Pinja and the leading producer of wood-based bio-products, Metsä Fibre, a common operating…

Valmet – a global snapshot of maintenance in the USA and the world

Valmet North American Roll Service’s 7 different units introduced the Novi by Pinja maintenance system.

HUS – better snapshot and decisions to the operating room operations with BI

The visual presentation of information on the reports influences the decision-making within the organization at many different levels.

Together we solve your supply chain, production, and sustainable business challenges

We offer turnkey solutions, support for the transition journey, and daily assistance. In addition to industry-leading software solutions and AI, we offer a baseline mapping service, implementation planning, and support services to streamline your daily operations.

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Supply chain management

Our solutions help you take supply chain transparency, timeliness, and efficiency to the next level. The savings our clients achieve in supply, reception, and inventories are significant, often in the tens of percent. Our solutions also ensure transparency and sustainability in the supply chain.

Operational efficiency of production

Our industrial production solutions optimize the timeliness of the order-supply chain, the most efficient use of production capacity, the continuity of production through digitalization of maintenance, and the transparency of the monitoring of production equipment.

Starting a new business

We can help you create your new business by coming up with ideas for the future together, and put your new ideas into practice e.g. through service design and software development.

Improving competitiveness and productivity

When you want to increase the efficiency or develop and improve your competitiveness, we provide digital solutions for achieving top performance in demanding production environments.

Pinja is a leading industrial digital transformation partner

We help you create your new Digital Business models by software development, business intelligence and cloud.

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