How did Pinja become a leading partner in digitalization and industrial renewal?

1990 - 1999

The company was founded in 1990 and began its operations under the name Protacon. By the middle of the decade, the company’s service portfolio includes web platform solutions, browser-based software solutions and software development services.

During the first decade, the company is among the pioneers of browser-based solution providers for businesses and consumers. The company is the first in the country to provide services related to online payments. The company creates software solutions related to industrial automation, for the needs of the paper industry, among others. The first replicable browser-based product solutions were born. The company is also starting to produce software solutions for the energy industry.

2000 - 2009

The customer base grows and the company specializes in providing browser-based solutions for selected industries. The company is expanding nationwide and provides new types of reproducible software solutions for the needs of the automotive industry and service companies, among others. Operations develop into industrially produced support services and data centers. The clientele already includes several internationally operating companies of the manufacturing industry.

2010 - 2019

The company grows rapidly, due to its own efforts and acquisitions. The company grows from a SMB to a large company. The turnover is tripled and the number of employees more than doubles.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) range evolves and expands. The company achieves a leading position in the Finnish market as a SaaS provider for the digitalization of several industrial industries. The company’s software is put into use in an increasing number of countries. The service offering expands to new generation reporting and data warehousing solutions as a result of an acquisition.

Over the course of the decade, the company rises and transforms. After the turn of the decade, the founders of the company sell it to MB-Rahastot. The company’s management, administration and management model become renewed. In the last three years of the decade, the company grows as a result of seven acquisitions. The company divests itself its own data center business and strengthens its expertise in new public cloud services.


Uuden vuosikymmen alku kääntää uuden sivun yrityksen historiassa, kun toiminnan neljäs vuosikymmen on käynnistymässä. Yritys tekee brändiuudistuksen ja alkaa operoida Pinja-brändillä. Elokuussa 2020 Pinja ostaa ohjelmistoyhtiö PiiMega Oy:n. Vuosikymmenen alkuvaiheessa yritys on vahvassa kasvussa ja sen ohjelmistoja käytetään yli 30 maassa.

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