Digital business

Software development and partnership, Business Intelligence, IPa integration platform, IT services, cloud services.

A transparent partnership for digitalization

Digitalization and the use of new technologies enable new ways of doing and growing the business. Responding to changing client needs requires vision, diverse expertise and the ability to react quickly. Pinja has decades of experience in deploying demanding and business-critical digitalization solutions, so we understand what successful and reliable solutions require.

At Pinja, we know how digitalization is linked to productivity and growth. On this page, you can learn more about our digital business solutions.

Our services:

Software development and partnership

A listening, visionary and client-focused software development partnership.

Business Intelligence

Leverage our refined operating model to make Power BI reporting smarter.

IPa - integration platform

The IPa by Pinja platform solves the challenges of data transfer.

IT services

IT outsourcing services, Microsoft 365 services, Maintenance of production IT environment.

Cloud services

Public cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP), private cloud, HCL.

Success stories of our customers:

Kuntien Tiera

The main goal of the cooperation was the overhaul of the SVPS system. The partnership with Pinja has brought the…

University of Jyväskylä

The new reporting portal is based on Microsoft Power BI, which was set up and taken into versatile use together…


The main goal of the development work has been to form a clearer and more comprehensive overall picture of the…


We worked with Pinja in designing the Evondos® medication dosage service, with which the number of errors has been radically…


The visual presentation of information on the reports influences the decision-making within the organization at many different levels.


The collaboration with Pinja has provided Jamix with a wide range of added value, making the software even more usable…