Harvestia Oy and Pinja have agreed on cooperation, under which the Forest by Pinja system will be deployed by Harvestia in the fall of 2020. Prior to the deployment into production, the transport planning functions, data transfer between operators and different variations of sample measurement, as well as various reporting models, will be further developed to better support the operating models of Harvestia Oy.

Harvestia Oy makes timber trade easy for the forest owner: the organization of the timber trade and the harvesting is handled by the same procurement manager, in which case communication takes place directly without intermediaries. The management of timber trade will be further facilitated when Harvestia Oy introduces the modern Forest by Pinja ERP system. In the future, timber trade and the various ancillary activities related to it will be handled in the completely new system. For cash transactions, the new system will be integrated into the parent company’s accounting system. Forest by Pinja will make it easier to trade timber and manage transport and harvesting, as well as tracing operations.

“We wanted a Finnish-made system whose ready-made features support our operations as far as possible” says Pekka Kauranen, CEO of Harvestia Oy.

“The choice was greatly influenced by the supplier’s reputation as a flexible software house and their proven ability to develop their systems and operating methods. We are confident that we will be able to get the additional functions as well, that we want quickly and cost-effectively later on”, Pekka Kauranen adds.

Pinja’s Business Director Antti Miettunen has a good reason to be satisfied. “The choice of Forest by Pinja shows once again that we are headed in the right direction in developing the system for the last eight years. A humble attitude, customer orientation and needs from the field will continue to determine how our systems develop from now on”, Antti Miettunen concludes.

Harvestia Oy is a wood procurement company owned by Mondi Group. Harvestia procures the wood for Mondi Powerflute’s factory in Sorsasalo, Kuopio. In addition, Harvestia supplies wood for the needs of several other partners. The focus of wood procurement is in Northern Savonia and the northern parts of Southern Savonia.