Kärävä Oy manufactures unique and high-quality wood products, such as the Karava Sauna and various interior upholstery and terrace products. The products are mainly made of hardwood and heat-treated pine. The Timber by Pinja ERP system provides Kärävä Oy with tools e.g. for the procurement of sawn timber, production control, deliveries and cash flow management. The system significantly improves data flow and streamlines daily operations. Versatile reporting options enable better monitoring and planning of operations.

“Developing our operations to guarantee even better customer service is a prerequisite of a specialized wood processor like us. We want to find a reliable partner who is ready to help us develop our ERP. We believe that in cooperation with Pinja, we will have a system that allows us to better direct resources to customer service” says Jaakko Soini, CEO of Kärävä Oy.

“Due to its history, Timber by Pinja is often thought of as an ERP system for large sawmills. The collaboration with Kärävä and our other wood processing clients proves this assumption wrong. Unlike most of our other clients who focus on wood processing, Kärävä’s operations involve a large amount of craftsmanship. The system enables Kärävä to focus even more on fulfilling customer wishes, as routine work and operational planning become more effortless. The features of Timber by Pinja provide excellent support for the various stages of wood processing” says Antti Miettunen, Forest Systems Business Director of Pinja.

More information:

Kärävä Oy, Jaakko Soini, 0400 314 062, www.karava.fi

Pinja, Antti Miettunen, 040 546 7283, pinja.com

Kärävä Oy is a Finnish family business founded in 1988. “We are an advocate of quality and individuality. We offer people solutions that look and feel pleasant, whether it is a sauna, a terrace, or wall paneling. Our promise is that if the customer can imagine a solution of their dreams, we are able to fulfil it. Only your imagination is the limit!”