Koskitukki Oy’s operations require especially extensive industry expertise from the system and its supplier. “The Forest by Pinja system has evolved over the years. Pinja’s large and satisfied customer base offers Koskitukki and our other clients delivery security and dependability” says Antti Miettunen, Pinja’s Business Director. “Also in these negotiations, the client witnessed how our promise for the continuous development of our software is true” Miettunen continues.

Diversifying functionalities

This acquisition will lead the development of the Forest by Pinja system to another level. The project will bring more functionality to the system, e.g. planning and monitoring of activities (amounts, grades, euros). “Bioenergy storage and processing functions will be diversified, and the browser-based harvesting and transport planning, as well as the vendor portal will receive new functions. Procurement planning and various management tools will also be developed further” says Antti Miettunen. “As a client, Koskitukki Oy is an important expression of trust for us” Miettunen concludes.

“The choice of supplier and product was influenced by the whole suite. The Forest by Pinja system is a finished product on the market that can be used to extensively develop the features that Koskitukki needs. Pinja is committed to the digitalization of wood procurement and open interfaces, as well as the continuous development of the system” says Ville Parkkinen, Forest Director of Koskitukki Oy. “New features are introduced to the system on a short schedule. However, these have not been just sales pitches, but over the years, we have noticed that the system is developing in a really fast cycle” Parkkinen continues.

“The main selection criteria were Pinja’s delivery capacity, meeting the system’s needs, development opportunities and overall economy. We strongly believe that the agreed delivery schedule will be maintained and that the new features to be developed will be deployed in time” Parkkinen sums up.
For more information, please contact:

Ville Parkkinen, Forest Director, Koskitukki Oy, ville.parkkinen@koskitukki.fi, 040 683 0901

Antti Miettunen, Business Director, Pinja, antti.miettunen@piimega.fi, 040 546 7283 Koskitukki Oy, which is responsible for the Koskisen Group’s wood procurement, is known in its procurement area as a reliable wood buyer. Koskitukki Oy takes care of the wood maintenance of its sawmills and plywood factory, with an annual procurement volume of about 2 million cubic meters. Koskitukki Oy is also a major regional supplier of bioenergy and offers its forest owner customers a comprehensive service from timber trade to forest management.

Pinja is the leading supplier of forest and wood processing systems in Finland. Forest by Pinja is an ERP system developed by Pinja and designed for the needs of the forest industry. The system is used by dozens of wood procurement companies in Finland and abroad. The Forest by Pinja software enables fully electronic timber trading, as well as real-time harvesting and transportation. The software can also be used to comprehensively manage the processing of energy wood. Pinja’s systems cover the entire production chain from the stump to the finished processed end product.