Haapajärven Ha-Sa Oy’s domiciles Haapajärvi and Haapavesi have a long industrial tradition. Wood has been sawn in Haapajärvi for more than 80 years. Abundant and well-maintained timber resources and a central location close to land and sea routes have created good conditions for successful sawing operations. The sawmill produces high quality products for many different industrial and construction applications.

HASA and Pinja signed an agreement to reform the forest system and the ERP of the sawmills. HASA’s annual production is 300,000 m3. The agreement gives HASA access to the latest information systems.

According to Kalle Kantola, CEO of HASA, the systems are used for seeking better visibility of the process from the forest to deliveries, as well as better planning and management of production processes. The objectives of the system project are to manage the business activity so that the procurement and delivery of wood corresponds to the sale of sawn timber. In addition, the objective is to optimize the use of acquired raw material, Kalle Kantola complements.

Pinja will supply HASA with the completely redesigned Forest by Pinja system and a logistics module that enables real-time control of logging and transportation. The delivery also includes the Timber by Pinja system, which is used to handle sawn timber sales, sawmill inventory management and production control. The Timber by Pinja planning module is used to optimize sawing and control sales. The system enables optimal logging based on production data and planning of raw material flows all the way to the roadside.

“The reached agreement is a major milestone in the delivery of fully integrated systems. Together with HASA, we will be able to further develop the system with the goal of highly optimized IT-assisted wood procurement and logistics, which aims at timely sawmill raw material flow and optimized sawing”, says Antti Miettunen of Pinja.

In 2018, Ha-Sa acquired the Eskola sawmill from Metsä Group. Timber by Pinja was also deployed in the Eskola sawmill.