Oy Lunawood Ltd and Pinja have agreed on cooperation aimed at deploying the new Timber by Pinja system at Lunawood. At the same time, the features of the system will be further developed, especially from the point of view of customer service and sales. The first phase of the deployment is in November 2019 and the final system will be completed in 2022.

In the first phase, the Timber by Pinja ERP system will be deployed, as well as a sales portal, which is one of the most important new features to be developed through the cooperation. It is a web-based tool for sellers, which allows the seller to access product information and real-time inventory stocks on the field. The tool significantly improved the flow of information between different functions, and enhances customer service.

“Developing customer service, sales and production management are key themes for a global growth company like Lunawood. We wanted to find a partner who is ready to help develop our ERP and create modern tools for our salespeople in the field and our partners worldwide alike. These new features have been carefully developed on a business-oriented basis with Pinja for over a year, and now is the time to introduce them. We believe that the digital cooperation will reach a whole new level with Pinja”
says Jukka Yli-Hankala, CFO of Oy Lunawood Ltd.

“The management functions of Timber by Pinja, such as handling customer information, complaints and development ideas, are a big step forward. The planning of activities at the management level will become clearer, and the management of the work will be even more effortless in the future. The current features of Timber by Pinja provide excellent support for the basic operations of sawing, planing and wood processing, and the new features now being developed in collaboration with Lunawood bring an even deeper connection to customer service”
says Antti Miettunen, Forest Systems Business Director of Pinja.

Oy Lunawood Ltd is an innovative pioneer and international market leader in heat-treated wood. Our success is based on a high-quality and ecological product and good customer service. Lunawood is a goal-oriented, growing company, employing more than 90 people at the Iisalmi, Kaskinen and Joensuu factories and at the Lahti head office. The turnover of the company is 41 million euros. More than 95% of the production is exported. The subsidiary Lunacomp Oy manufactures thermal wood composite.

Pinja develops innovative and modern system solutions for the forest and sawmill industry. Pinja’s systems cover the entire production chain, from wood procurement, harvesting and transportation to sawing and delivery of the finished product to the customer. Timber by Pinja is an ERP system designed for the needs of the sawmill and wood processing industries. The systems are used in numerous production plants in Finland, Sweden, the Baltic countries and Russia. In addition to versatile functions, Timber by Pinja offers its customers e.g. production optimization and real-time unit-based profitability calculation.
More information:

Oy Lunawood Ltd, Jukka Yli-Hankala, 0400 962 212, www.lunawood.com

Pinja, Antti Miettunen, 040 546 7283, pinja.com