Puhas Oy is a waste management company owned by five municipalities: Joensuu, Ilomantsi, Kontiolahti, Liperi and Polvijärvi. Their task is to provide mandatory waste management services to the municipalities. The company’s services include transportation of incinerated waste and biowaste, local waste stations and waste centers, ecopoints, and a reception point for hazardous waste and discarded electrical equipment. The company serves approximately 112,000 residents in its area of operation. Puhas Oy identified development needs in their material flow management systems, and they resolved them together with Pinja in the fall of 2020.

The main goal of the digitalization project was to update material flow management systems to meet modern requirements in data collection, reporting and inventory accounting. In addition, they wanted to switch to electronic movement documents.

They wanted a cost-effective and comprehensive system that is ready to evolve with the changing needs in the future.

Pinja provided a comprehensive package for these needs. In addition, they already had previous experience of cooperating with Pinja at the Liperi waste station, which did influence the selection of the system supplier. The material flow management system Flow by Pinja and the electronic movement document application Track were selected for use.

We think that the Flow by Pinja system is the best solution for us. It is a versatile and evolving system that covers our present and future needs. Jyrki Mainonen, Puhas Oy.

The digitalization project brings ease and clarity to the entire material flow process, from waste collection to final reporting. Efficient systems also improve and speed up customer service. Mainonen explains the project as follows:

It has been good to develop software in cooperation with Pinja. The schedule has been met, and the work that has already been completed with the software has been professional, with the clients in mind.

The Flow by Pinja weighing system and the movement document application Track are currently in testing phase at Puhas. The plan is to fully implement the Flow by Pinja system by the end of the year.

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