Kierto Ympäristöpalvelut Oy provides tailored waste management services for e.g. the industry, municipalities, trade and logistics. The company’s special expertize is hazardous waste collection, treatment and recycling solutions. The terminals are located in Järvenpää, Pojanluoma and Kuusankoski. 

“We want to be Finland’s most engaging and professional partner in hazardous waste management. The reform of the Waste Act in 2021 requires us to digitise our transfer documents, and our current Oscar ERP solution does not bend to the processing of electronic transfer documents in an agile way” says Quality Manager Jari Koivula on the need for a new system. 

The electronic transfer document is one of the main objectives of the project. In addition, the goals of the system acquisition related to material flows include real-time inventory management and streamlining our own operations, as the current material flow management process is heavy on time and resources. 

A deciding factor was that Flow takes into account the needs of the circular economy

“The waste industry and especially the treatment of hazardous waste is a marginal business. Prior to Flow by Pinja, there has been no customized supply chain management solution for this industry” says Koivula.

Kierto Ympäristöpalvelut participated in the service design project led by Pinja during 2020. The project resulted in a material flow management and reporting system, Flow by Pinja, tailored to the industry in cooperation with circular economy operators.

“In the system procurement process, we had three options on how to proceed. Either we modify the current ERP solution to meet our needs or purchase the Flow system. Then there was a third option” Koivula continues. 

Kierto Ympäristöpalvelut ended up choosing Flow by Pinja, as it best met the objectives defined for the project. 

“We had the opportunity to influence the features from the beginning, as we were already involved in the service design phase of the system. No other system has been made before Flow from a circular economy point of view. Everything so far has had to be modified, twisted and translated to suit us. The price was also a deciding factor, of course, but it was not the most important one” Koivula states. 

Flow reduces manual work and makes everyday life easier

Kierto Ympäristöpalvelut will start implementing Flow after the turn of the year. At first, the basic Flow system is introduced, which manages e.g. material receipt functions and electronic transfer documents. This reduces manual work from the outset. An integration is created in the Oscar ERP system to exchange the necessary information between systems. Flow’s inventory management module will also be implemented after the initial steps.

“When Flow is used to its intended extent, managing the transport planning becomes easier, the possibility of errors is reduced and, above all, time is freed up for other work. Flow will make our daily lives easier in the future. The procurement process also went very smoothly, so we look forward to continuing our cooperation with team Pinja” – Koivula concludes.  

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