Photo: Veli-Matti Nurminen, CEO Pinja Group Oy (left) and Vesa-Pekka, Managing Director PiiMega Oy.

Pinja will continue its continuous recruitment also in the Oulu region, aiming for the industry’s international software market.

From today, PiiMega’s services will be offered under the Pinja brand, which specializes in digitization. Pinja’s CEO Veli-Matti Nurminen is pleased with the synergy brought by the recent reform to the company’s products, services and visibility. “By combining and conceptualizing our services, we will be able to offer our clients even clearer and more integrated suites, better service and more efficient total solutions – both in the domestic and international markets.”

The Pinja brand now offers software solutions related to the digitalization of the forest industry supply chain, digital commerce and ERP, previously known as PiiMega. “PiiMega has been taking the know-how of the Finnish forest industry to the world in the form of IT for a long time. Now the direction and offering of international growth will be further enhanced in all solution areas” says Vesa-Pekka, CEO of PiiMega. “In addition, we will be able to continue to support regional employment, as Pinja will steadily grow its operations.”

Pinja currently employs about 550 people, of whom 120 live in the Oulu region. “It has been an honor for us to get great software products, great customers and skilled software developers to join Pinja’s rapidly growing business. Oulu as a region is a very attractive source of growth for us. By working together, Pinja’s brand will become even mode desirable in the eyes of job seekers” says Veli-Matti Nurminen.

The transfer of PiiMega’s business under the Pinja brand is the result of an acquisition that took place in August 2020. This was Pinja’s eighth acquisition in the last three years. At the beginning of the year, the company’s offices in the Oulu area were merged into joint premises in Kempele.

The share of Pinja’s international business is growing rapidly, and the company serves leading industrial and corporate clients, as well as organizations in more than 30 countries. Pinja is a major industrial innovator and builder of the digital society. The company is the leading provider of SaaS software solutions in its market area in selected industrial software products, including the forest and manufacturing industries.

Pinja in brief:

Pinja is your partner for digitalization and industrial renewal. We are a partner for leveraging operational solutions and new digital business models enhancing efficiency throughout their lifecycle, from consulting to maintenance. Our customers are industrial and digital society operators who want to take advantage of technology and new business models faster and more efficiently than their competitors. We operate responsibly. By improving the efficiency of our customers’ operations, we do our part in helping them achieve more sustainable business practices in a world that needs responsible solutions now more than ever. Pinja employs approximately 550 people who serve leading Finnish industrial and corporate clients, as well as international organizations in more than 30 countries. We are growing steadily, and our turnover in 2020 is approximately 55 million euros.

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