Whistleblowing channel

Abuses, suspicions or concerns related to our company may be reported through a secure reporting channel anonymously or in your own name.

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We want to do the right thing

A responsible way of working and an atmosphere of transparency are important to us at Pinja. Pinja’s Code of Conduct contains our key principles of responsible and ethical operations, to which we are strongly committed and which we adhere to in our operations.

We want to effectively address any behavior that goes against these principles. Any abuse, suspicion or concern may be reported anonymously or in your own name through our Whistleblowing channel.

How does the Whistleblowing channel work?

Pinja has a reporting channel in accordance with the whistleblowing regulation, through which anyone can make a confidential report of abuse, suspicion or concern.

Reports coming through the Whistleblowing channel are handled confidentially in accordance with Pinja’s standard processing procedure. To ensure anonymity and transparency, the Whistleblowing channel is maintained by an external service partner, WhistleB. The reporting procedure is anonymous, encrypted and password protected.

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Other feedback

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