Building a Sustainable World byte by byte

Pinja builds a more sustainable world, byte by byte. We are successful when our solutions enable our clients to reduce their energy consumption, save in material costs, and operate transparently in production and supply chain emissions reporting. Pinja’s service production is built on a sustainable way of doing business, developing skills, and reducing the environmental burden.

Our sustainability services for clients

With Pinja’s services, our clients can improve and report on the sustainability of their business, and reduce their environmental footprint. We are involved in developing more efficient production chain management, a supply chain that minimizes the use of natural resources, and the digitalization of the circular economy.

With our ready-made digital services, our clients can, for example

  • improve the timeliness of production, and reduce the burden on the chain, e.g. the need for inventory
  • optimize their production chain to save materials and natural resources
  • simulate the environmental impact of production and deviations in production
  • reduce environmental and occupational safety hazards caused by breakdowns of production equipment

Find out more about us in Pinja Sustainability Report

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Sustainability in the supply chain and production

Our digitalization solutions enable our clients to reduce the environmental impact of business travel. Our solutions improve data traceability and business transparency.

Origin and traceability

For example, Pinja’s solutions can be used to identify and trace the origin of the wood from the stump to the final product.

Harnessing artificial intelligence

Our knowledge management and AI-based solutions increase awareness that can be used to monitor and improve the sustainability of the business.

We take responsibility for suspected abuse through a Whistleblowing channel

Pinja has a Whistleblowing channel through which you can send a report of any abuse, suspicion or concern related to our company.

Read more about the Whistleblowing channel

Sustainability in our own service production

As Pinja’s customer, you receive sustainably produced services. We recycle the materials generating in our locations. We devote significant efforts to ensure wellbeing at work, development of skills, and dialogue between stakeholders. We collaborate actively with educational and research institutions and selected public and private operators.

We strive to always produce the service as close to the customer as possible. We reduce our environmental footprint by using tools and solutions that reduce the need of travel and minimize generation of waste and material losses.

Download PDF: Pinja CSR reportDownload PDF: Pinja Code of Conduct

Our responsibility for wellbeing at work


As Pinja’s employee, you belong to a community whose values are part of everyday actions and decisions. We see diversity as a source of strength, and everyone is accepted as they are in our work community. Education, work experience, duties and the cultural background of our employees enrich us and enable us to change constantly as a community.

Training promise

Every year, we use a significant amount of resources for further learning. This we do via practical daily tasks, by experimenting and studying. You participate in developing and delivering our service products designed for eight different customer sectors.

At the beginning of career

We collaborate on a long-term basis with educational institutions providing graduates and young talents with a smooth transfer to the beginning of their career paths. At Pinja, each employee can see the final result and effect of their work.