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Pinja is Finland’s leading HCL expert – we deploy cloud services and software development projects of all sizes with more than 30 years of experience. We are a partner who understands not only the challenges of the future, but also the history of the client’s solutions. We are also able to help find new paths for our clients.

Our HCL services cover the entire lifecycle of solutions, from initial definition to solution implementation, deployment and maintenance. Our certified experts and years of experience guarantee the quality of our HCL services.

We are not committed to one technology but are able to find the strengths of different solutions and integrate them into the best possible package. Our expertise also covers migration between different technologies, so we are able to offer the truly best solution for our clients’ needs.

Pinja's HCL services


Monitoring service

Support and maintenance service

Software production

Deployment and training

HCL licenses and access rights

HCL products

HCL’s products enhance communication in organizations. They are not individual tools, but a set of client business applications, digital experience interfaces and other third-party services. All work seamlessly with commonly used software and cloud services.

Examples of HCL products:

HCL Domino

A Low-Code development platform for modern software production and cloud services. Also works as a comprehensive email system.

HCL Domino Leap

An extension to Domino that allows the agile creation of browser and mobile applications without coding. The product was previously known as HCL Domino Volt.


HCL NoMad is a browser (HCL NoMad Web) and mobile (HCL NoMad Mobile) solution for Domino applications. HCL Nomad does not require any changes to applications, so it can also replace separately installed HCL Notes workstations if desired. HCL NoMad works on iOS and Android devices as well as the latest Windows, MacOS and Linux browsers.


A Low-Code development platform for implementing native mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and PWA browser applications – all devices with one code.

HCL Connections

A portal solution that utilizes social working methods, e.g. for intranet/extranet use.

HCL Sametime

A competitive instant messaging and web conferencing service.

HCL Domino

HCL Domino is a secure and efficient application development platform for businesses. It is designed to solve workflow and process management challenges rapidly. HCL Domino is a modern development platform that provides all the services needed by applications and their users. The services can also be integrated with other cloud services and back-end systems. There are 10 million Domino applications that enhance business efficiency, and they are used by more than 15,000 companies worldwide.

HCL Domino is suitable for companies of all sizes and it provides, in addition to an application development platform, a solution for other basic communication needs, such as email and HTTP services, data security, user directories, and mobile and offline use. The efficiency of application development arises from Low-Code methods that use readily-made libraries and components to build new applications.


Why choose HCL Domino?

Powerful platform

A powerful Low-Code platform that adapts to a wide range of needs. A Domino application is created up to 70% faster compared to other platforms, so it also reduces costs.

Comprehensive system

HCL Domino is a suite that includes a database, data security, a directory, and all the other services an application needs. Domino also integrates with existing cloud services and back-end systems. Clients can use the platform as a cloud service or install it on their own servers. Applications also work directly on mobile devices (Android, Chrome and iOS).

Continuous development services and support

Pinja’s ongoing services help the client get the most out of their investment in HCL software. Our certified experts take care of the deployment and maintenance of the environment and applications, as well as the necessary support.

Low-code application development revolutionizes programming with its speed, ease and versatility

In its press release published in summer 2021, Gartner estimates that up to 65% of all application development will be done on low-code platforms and that 80% of technical products will be created by non-technology professionals. According to Forrester, low-code platforms are already in the top three IT development targets. It is therefore a very significant phenomenon that is rapidly shaping the software industry.

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Steps of cooperation:

30-minute remote meeting to map the current situation and needs

Solution proposal to achieve the goal

Joint assessment of the proposed solution

Cooperation agreement (e.g. development project or maintenance services)

Solution deployment

Support and maintenance services upon agreement