Maintenance of the production IT environment

We don’t just take over maintenance responsibilities, we understand the criticality of your production and ensure its continuity

Minimize production disruptions by anticipating threats

The digitalization of industry brings more and more IT infrastructure to production. At the same time, the case for the production IT environment is often that threats aren’t identified and responsibilities aren’t defined. Also, it is now known what is included in the IT environment. For this reason, the production IT infrastructure poses significant risks regarding production interruptions and disruptions.

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By taking care of the production IT environment, you demonstrate that:

You are aware of critical production risks and you’re able to manage them

You know that the security of the production environment is in order

You minimize potential production interruptions, disruptions, and downtime

Why is it important to take care of the production IT environment?

The aim is to ensure that production interruptions and disruptions do not occur, and critical production data aren’t lost for reasons that could have been foreseen. The most important functions of maintaining the production IT environment are continuous monitoring, day-to-day management and taking proactive measures to ensure smooth production.

If critical areas of production have not been identified, production can be stopped by even a single factor at a certain point in the production chain. If the performance of production-critical hardware or software is not monitored, the risks increase each day.

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Maintain the production IT environment with a partner

A reliable

By outsourcing the maintenance of the production IT environment, you can free up time for other matters and ensure the fault tolerance of the IT environment, as well as the efficient operation of production.


With a partner, the responsibilities for managing the production IT environment are clear, and the understanding of IT is not dependent on a specific employee.


If a new system or process is brought into production, the partner will also ensure that the solution is feasible in terms of risks, functionality and management.

Pinja’s services for maintaining the production IT environment

Support services 24/7

  • Centralized contact point (SPOC)
  • Remote and local support
  • Service portal and ready-made instructions for general service matters
  • Our experts have an occupational safety card


  • Equipment acquisition (one-off purchase or lease)
  • Installation
  • Delivery
  • Operating support and lifecycle management
  • Spare equipment solutions


Acquisition, management and support of software licenses (e.g. Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Adobe)

Management and monitoring services 24/7

  • Service production according to the ITIL operating model
  • Service manager services
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Technical monitoring and backup solutions
  • IT environment documentation

Data security services

  • Data security management services
  • Modern password and access management solutions
  • Log management
  • Good practices and security consulting

Data center and public cloud services

  • Private cloud solutions in Finnish, secure (e.g. ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and Katakri) and 100% green energy data centers (3 centers)
  • Public cloud solutions using Azure, AWS and GCP cloud services

Network services

  • Physical and virtual networks (office, production, data center and public cloud)
  • Remote access solutions
  • Data network and telecommunication connections
  • Network equipment
  • Network monitoring and management services (including IDS/IPS)
  • Network consultancy

Expert services

  • Planning of production IT environment solutions
  • Risk assessments and development plans
  • Deployment and training of services
  • Consulting
  • Migrations and cloud transitions
  • CIO as a service

Examples of our customers

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Pinja started the work by reviewing Betoniteam's entire IT environment.

How do I get started? The starting point for the collaboration is an understanding of the client’s goals, information work processes and issues

A 60-minute remote meeting to assess the situation

A proposed solution to achieve the goal

Joint assessment of the proposed solution

Cooperation agreement

Solution deployment

Support and maintenance services