Forklift application

Improve the efficiency of the inventory management and logistics of sawmills and wood processing

Easier inventory management for sawmills and wood processing with a dedicated application

The Forklift application makes inventory management and logistics of sawmills and wood processing plants effortless and efficient. The application’s easy-to-use visual interface is designed to be used with tablets in the forklift cab. Among other things, the forklift driver can quickly see the physical location of packages and instructions for the next tasks in the GPS-assisted application. 

The application supports all the main tools for inventory management, and package transfer related functions: transfers in warehouse areas, material flow management on production lines, package deliveries, loading and unloading of loads, and the entry and transfer of incoming packages to the warehouse or to production.

For example, the application supports the dispatch of finished products, so that the necessary packages can be easily collected for each order, loaded with a forklift, and marked as delivered, straight from the forklift application.

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Benefits of the Forklift app:

Cost savings up to 50% in working time

More efficient use of raw materials from the log yard and less waste

Sorting errors reduced by 50–90%

Prima Timber extended the use of Timber by Pinja to the Forklift application, which is crucial for warehouse management

Pinja’s systems have streamlined operations between our facilities, and significantly reduced the amount of manual work. The transition to digitalization and automation has fundamentally changed the way we do business.

Joni Nousiainen, CEO, Prima Timber Oy

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The GPS-based Forklift application can be deployed alongside Pinja’s Forest, Timber, and Terminal products and it is also compatible with other ERP systems on the market.

For many needs

Versions of the application are available for both package and log yard management. We also offer tablet PCs in different sizes and with a suitable stand for rent.

Forklift application features

Inventory management

The forklift driver can quickly see the physical location of the packages, eliminating the need to spend time searching for them. This means that inventory management is no longer dependent on specific persons, as the location of packages doesn’t rely on a person’s memory. Similarly, the operating costs of forklifts are reduced, as unnecessary driving is eliminated. 

  • The GPS-assisted application shows the driver the location of the forklift and the packages on a visual map
  • The packages are color coded according to age and urgency
  • The app can suggest suitable storage locations for packages, which speeds up the driver’s work and keeps stock information up to date
  • The search function allows the driver to easily locate, for example, similar products that meet certain search criteria and packages related to the same delivery or production batch


The visual interface of the application allows the driver to see the storage areas, as well as the packages arriving and leaving the production line. This gives the driver a clear picture of the overall situation: what is being produced and what raw material is needed from stock to avoid interruptions in production.

  • The app shows the driver where to find the required raw material, how much is needed, and how much is available in each storage area
  • Packages have their own color codes for different production stages 
  • The driver can see the location of the finished packages and move them to the right place in the warehouse


The driver can see at a glance which deliveries need to be processed next, and which packages are included in the delivery. The app also streamlines the pre-departure preparations for outbound loads.

  • The app tells the driver when each delivery is to be sent, and where the packages for the delivery can be found.
  • Deliveries are further accelerated when the driver can print the necessary consignment notes in the forklift cab, and at the same time mark the delivery as dispatched

Log yard management

A dedicated application is available for managing round wood in the log yard. The app displays the fill level of log sorting trays and storage areas, and guides in moving logs to the right storage location and the right sawing line. The app provides a quick overview of the log yard storage areas, log sorting bins and sawmill raw material quantities.

  • The driver can see the log category of each tray in the application and the number of logs there are in the tray.
  • In addition, the app guides the driver to take logs of each log category to the right place and prevents logs from being unloaded to the wrong place
  • The application displays work orders and the amount of raw material required for the job and warns the driver if the wrong raw material is entering the saw feed
  • Work on the log yard is sped up, and errors are reduced by up to 90%

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