Manufacturing industry

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The fourth industrial wave is here – innovation is essential for the industry

The manufacturing industry is the strong foundation of the global economy, while at the same time it is undergoing a powerful transformation in the era of digitalization. Batches become smaller, demands grow higher, and the products come connected with services more often.

The traditional competitive advantages of the industry have been expertise, quality, and cost-effectiveness. As digitalization makes its way into the industry, new success factors emerge, such as speed, agility, the utilization of new technologies, and the ability to lead through change.

Why manufacturing industry needs digitalization

The opportunities of digitalization and innovation for the industry:

IIoT provides more accurate real time data on production processes, machines, equipment, and raw materials

As the utilisers of digitalization, humans create totally novel business models and services for the industry

Digitalization opens up new opportunities for leading people and supporting top performances

Choose a guide to partner with throughout the lifecycle

Manufacturing industry organisations need courage for renewal as well as for the adoption and usage of new technologies. Implementing and managing this requires a long-term vision, new kinds of thinking, and specialist expertise in industrial digitalization. 

In the era of digitalization, the power and possibilities of ecosystems are emphasised when ensuring success. One does not have to, or should not, do everything alone to be successful. By finding partners and networking with different expert organizations, businesses gain better chances of benefiting from digitalization and leading their production facilities in an operational environment that is constantly changing. Partnering up can also save resources and costs and find new ways of improving competitiveness.

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