The leading brand house of wines and spirits in the Nordics, Anora, is developing and managing its operations with the help of Pinja's solutions.

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It helps us keep track of the whole; there is one system that receives all the data. This is not just a tool for measuring and control, but also for development and management.

Sara Palonen, Foreman at Anora

The goal is to gather factual information and enhance production efficiency

The goal is to gather factual information and enhance production efficiency

With more than 60 million liters of alcoholic beverages flowing through the production line each year with 800 different names, the factory unit must be revved up to the maximum. Opened in 1888, Anora’s Rajamäki alcoholic beverage factory supplies beverages around the world. The lines pack products from top brands, such as Koskenkorva Vodka. In addition to bottling, the Rajamäki factory manufactures mixed drinks, such as Jaloviina and various liqueurs.

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Anora in a nutshell

130+ Years in the field

60 M+ Liters of alcohol produced annually

approx. 30 Countries

approx. 1200 Employees (2022)

702,7 M. € Turnover (2022)

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