Muster by Pinja

Vehicle inspection system – booking, test results, cashing and reports

Smoothly running daily work for service businesses

We produce solutions and services related to digitalisation of business processes of service companies. We are a pioneer in the area of vehicle inspection, the market leader in digitalisation of business processes and on the threshold of shifting to cloud-based enterprise resource planning.

Muster by Pinja is a cloud service specifically designed for vehicle inspection companies. With the Muster system, you manage inspection bookings, cashier operations, inspection cards, inspection reports and work queues – it automates several work stages. Our service also includes a customer data management, invoicing and reporting tool that combines the data of several lines and offices in one view.

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Market leader in Finland

Muster is already used by over 250 inspection stations and 1000 vehicle inspection professionals around Finland.

Manage invoices and reports

Invoice ledger allows you to post invoices and send payment reminders. You’ll also receive cash and billing reports.

Online booking for customers

Online booking is available as an additional service. It allows you to serve your customers around the clock.