We worked with Pinja in designing the Evondos® medication dosage service, with which the number of errors has been radically reduced.

We chose Pinja as our partner, as they had the experience in and long-term proof of carrying out demanding development projects in the health care sector.

Eetu Koski, Managing Director, Evondos Ltd.

Benefits and savings

500-3000 € in a month A direct cost saving per patient

90 % Patient visits reduced

Challenge: People do not take their medications as directed by their doctor

The greatest individual problem in medical care is that people do not take their medication according to their doctors’ instructions. The World Health Organisation states that up to 50 percent (i.e. every second dose) of medication is taken incorrectly. We worked with Pinja in designing the Evondos® medication dosage service, with which the number of errors has been radically reduced. We have reached a correct dosage level of 99.5 percent.

Solution: the Evondos® medication dosage service

The Evondos® service utilises the automated dosage distribution system used in pharmacies. The Evondos® medicine dispenser tells the user, verbally, by visual or auditory signals or, if necessary, via a phone call, when to take their medication, automatically dosed in pouches. Customers have praised the ease-of-use of the product, as well as its capacity to facilitate everyday life. Families feel safer and patients feel better, in concrete terms.

So far, more than 30,000 dosages for more than 150 patients have been administered by the system. Thus, Pinja helped us solve one of the major problems of medical care: medical adherence. We were also praised for our system in an EU-wide eHealth competition, which sought the best innovations to improve the health care sector. While the Evondos® service includes advanced robotics, the most important links are the people involved in the distribution of medication.

The service system also creates remarkable cost savings. In the best case, patient visits can be reduced by 90 percent. A direct cost saving varies between EUR 500 and 3,000 per patient in a month. In municipalities with approximately 50,000 inhabitants, the saving could exceed one million euros annually.

The system has already raised a lot of interest at the international level. The first international deal was closed with two Norwegian municipalities.

Evondos® in a nutshell

2007 Established

11 mil. Turnover (2020)

Yli 8 000 000 Dispensed doses

100+ Staff

200+ Customer organization

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