Prima Power

Prima Power harnesses Pinja’s IoT solutions and expert services to support development and innovation

The cooperation in brief

A long-term software development and cloud partner for demanding solutions

Prima Power’s and Pinja’s journey together began in 2014, when Pinja implemented a successful software solution for the company’s customer event. Since then, the cooperation has expanded to the development of various software and applications for end customers, as well as internal systems.

Agile product and system development

Pinja provides valuable software development expertise and innovations that support Prima Power in remaining competitive. IoT solutions and internal tools developed with Pinja are also important – they help Prima Power manage its internal infrastructure and equipment, and the related data that supports decision-making. In addition, Pinja helps Prima manage its Azure and AWS cloud environments as part of agile product and system development.

Versatile solutions that support business

Prima Power’s solutions require a trusted partner that can respond to global needs in an agile and modern manner. In addition to daily work and long-term development, Pinja helps the company modernize its solutions in a rapidly changing technological environment.

Pinja provides technical projects for different manufacturers, so they stay up to date with emerging technologies. Pinja’s experts never offer yesterday’s solutions, but the latest innovations.

Esko Petäjä, R&D Manager at Prima Power

High-tech industrial systems need to be supported by working software and IoT solutions

Prima Power’s collaboration with Pinja started in 2014 with software developed for specific needs, but over the years it has expanded into many different areas. Today, Pinja supports Prima Power’s business in several areas: the cooperation includes, among other things, software and application development, Business Intelligence analytics and project work, as well as a wide range of ICT expert work and support services. 

Pinja’s IoT solutions and platform services are of golden value to Prima Power, as they run a large technical environment using cloud services. They are used to collect and maintain essential data on the equipment fleet to support decision-making and predictive maintenance. In addition, Pinja helps Prima Power to proactively manage its extensive technical environment with ICT maintenance, ensuring that all applications run reliably and cost-effectively.  

To support its extensive product development, Prima Power wanted a partner with the software development capabilities that meet the needs of industrial customers around the world. The end users of the automated sheet metal forming machines and systems supplied to Prima Power’s customers range from global automotive companies to small subcontractors around the world. No system leaves the door without a major software integration, and this is where Pinja has a lot to offer.

“We needed a solution provider with the ability to innovate for international markets. Agile software development allows us to create competitive, sellable products for international markets quickly and efficiently”, says Esko Petäjä, R&D Manager at Prima Power.  

Competitiveness through modernity and continuous improvement

An important objective of the cooperation between Prima Power and Pinja is to enable Prima Power to maintain its competitiveness at all times. In addition to product development and maintenance, Pinja has updated legacy software and systems. Prima Power’s internal product tool was also digitalized and modernized to support sales and marketing.

Pinja wants to ensure that Prima Power can maintain its competitiveness in the future, which means, among other things, optimizing the life cycle and costs of the software in the longer term.

“We offer comprehensive service, and are always looking at how we can improve our clients’ operations, both large and small. We also have a strong local presence – our experts often test solutions on-site”, says Matti Rita-Kasari, Account Manager at Pinja.

Easy partnership

In addition to Pinja’s expertise, Prima Power values flexibility and, for example, a low level of bureaucracy. Pinja’s experts are permanently employed in Prima Power’s product development unit, and have become an integral part of the internal team.

At its core, the collaboration is characterized by mutual respect and understanding of the demands of the industrial sector. Solutions are sought together, with a sense of time and the environment in which we operate. According to Prima Power, things are done right at once, in line with the latest technological requirements.

“Pinja provides technical projects for different manufacturers, so they are up to date with emerging technologies. Pinja’s experts never offer yesterday’s solutions, but the latest innovations”, says Petäjä.

Image: Prima Power

Prima Power in a nutshell

80+ countries covered by the sales and service network

1,800+ employees worldwide

∼100 million euro in annual system sales

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