Pinja will be responsible for the dryer section design

Kotkamills invests in Kotka, Finland, by modifying their PM2 into a board machine. Bellmer Vaahto Paper Machines received a substantial order for the modification comprising the entire wet end of the machine, as well as the dryer section rebuild. Pinja will be responsible for the dryer section design. Considering the number of dryer cylinders, totalling 65, positioned in three layers in the dryer section with a slightly less than 50 meters in length, the project is quite challenging.

Pinja’s design and engineering team has gathered a lot of experience in various rebuild and modification projects in the paper industry. This project, however, is exceptional in that many existing components will be utilised, for which complete documentation does not exist. Part of the documentation has been lost over the more than 60 years of existence of the paper machine. Another challenge is the great number of changes and modifications that the machine has experienced previously.

“We believe that both our customer and the end customer will get new insights from our design work. We are looking at the complete picture reflecting it to our versatile experience and not focusing on one narrow area only. We have paid a lot attention to both construction planning and the layout solutions in the design area.”
Veijo Lindberg, Director of Process & Plant Engineering, Pinja