Pinja, known for its capable sawmill industry ERP systems, has delivered a system to Tiaisen Saha Oy in Savitaipale. The comprehensive forest and sawmill ERP system developed by Pinja was deployed during 2014. Tiaisen Saha uses Forest by Pinja and Timber by Pinja, as well as the transport and felling management system Log by Pinja.

The Forest by Pinja system is a forest system that can be used to increase the efficiency of wood procurement, harvesting and logistics.

Developed for sawmills and wood processors, Timber by Pinja enables the management of the purchase of raw materials, product sales, inventories and production. Timber by Pinja has been developed with innovative optimization features that enable the sawmill’s production designer to maximize the value of the raw material. Pinja’s forest and sawmill systems are integrated with each other, giving the client full visibility from the sale of processed products all the way to the tree stump.

“With Forest by Pinja, the procurement manager can plan purchases, logging and attach the necessary information to the plans. At the other end of the pipeline are finished processed products and their orders. The system enables visibility from the processed product all the way to the roadside, and vice versa, so that comprehensive optimization of the entire production chain is possible” says Antti Miettunen, Business Director of Wood and Forest Systems at Pinja.

Tiaisen saha previously used several different systems. With Pinja’s total solution for the forest industry, Tiaisen Saha Oy got rid of several subsystems. “Modern integrated ERP enables procurement and sawmill planning at a whole new level, as well as comprehensive optimization of the company’s raw material flows” says Tero Tiainen, CEO of Tiaisen Saha. More information:

Pinja, Antti Miettunen +358 40 5467 283,
Tiaisen Saha Oy Tero Tiainen + 358 500 658 990,

Tiaisen Saha Oy is an old family business from Savitaipale. Modern production facilities enable flexible manufacturing of customer products. Tiaisen Saha Oy uses high-quality South Karelian wood.