In March, we announced our new brand, in which Protacon, a partner in digitalization and industrial innovation, became Pinja. Pinja was formed by Protacon and the companies that have joined Protacon’s expansion in recent years: ARROW, SWD, Descal, Netwell, Vision Systems, and Powen. Pinja is a leading operator in the field of selected industrial software products and an important partner in the development of industrial system solutions and digital business.

The names of Pinja Group’s companies have now changed according to our new brand as of May 1, 2020. During the change of company names, the business IDs remain unchanged.

Our emails are in the form Changes to our billing addresses have been updated.

Our new company names are:

More information:

Merja Rantala

Chief Financial Officer, CFO

+358 50 597 9123

Pinja in brief:

Pinja is your partner in digitalization and industrial innovation. We will be your guide in business development throughout the entire enterprise lifecycle: from consulting to engineering, from implementation to maintenance, all the way to the development of completely novel digital business models. Our customers are industrial operators who want to utilize technological solutions and new business models quicker and more efficiently than their competitors. We are a responsible actor. By improving the efficiency of our customers’ operations, we do our part in helping them achieve more sustainable business practices in a world that requires responsible solutions more than ever. Pinja employs some 500 people in Finland, serving leading Finnish industrial and business clients and international organizations in more than 30 countries. Our company is growing strongly, and in 2019 our turnover was around €40 million.