Pinja and Kotkamills Oy have entered into a significant agreement for the development and delivery of the sawmill’s ERP system. The interaction between the companies began last year when the companies discussed their future goals.

“The companies are united by the frenzy of questioning existing operating models, as well as developing their own activities. The fact that we have a functioning and reliable basic system designed for sawmills is a solid foundation for business, but it is not enough in a changing world. From the very beginning of the discussions with Kotkamills Oy, the success factors of the future sawmills have been considered, and efforts have been made to find solutions also by means of information technology” describes Antti Miettunen, Business Director at Pinja.

Pinja will supply the Timber by Pinja system to Kotkamills Oy’s sawmill in Kotka. “Earlier this year, Timber by Pinja was put into production in Byko-Lat, Latvia, and now the same system is coming to Kotkamills Oy. We have been developing the system and are working intensively to help sawmills in this difficult market situation. Committed personnel play a key role in deliveries. The guidance given by customers in developing the system is worth its weight in gold” Miettunen summarizes the past year.

The partnership between Pinja and Kotkamills Oy culminates in a common world of values, common goals and the necessary communication between Oulu and Kotka. “Pinja’s operating model supports agile development, and the company’s operations reflect a genuine interest in the customer’s business and its optimization in various areas” says Sami Sjöblom, Operations Manager at Kotkamills Oy.

The coming years and plans that will benefit the entire industry will inspire enthusiasm. Antti Miettunen believes in the vast opportunities in the industry. “The work doesn’t end there. We have interesting, even revolutionary, new and bold ideas that will benefit the wood processing and sawmill industry.” More information:

Pinja Antti Miettunen +358 40 5467 283,

Kotkamills Oy Sami Sjöblom +358 40 5564 645,

Kotkamills Oy is a Finnish forest industry company that has been processing wood since 1872. Today, the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laminated papers and their downstream products, and their product range also include printing paper and sawn timber.