EPV Energia has over 70 years of experience in sustainable energy production. The company is determined to invest in emission-free production and operational reliability, and it has thoroughly renewed its energy production portfolio in recent years.

EPV Energia acquired the Novi by Pinja maintenance system to improve its maintenance operations. The system helps EPV ensure that production runs according to plan, and reaches common targets.

According to Security Manager Petri Haapasaari, Novi provides a simple and easy-to-use interface that enables efficient day-to-day work. The system also supports mobile access, improving employee mobility and access to information.

–   When purchasing the system, we emphasized the role of partners as users of the maintenance system. Regular contractors are able to make entries in the system, and this allows us to share information back and forth.

The system has been well received internally. According to Haapasaari, user-friendliness is particularly valued among maintenance professionals.

As the project progressed, Novi was first deployed at the Tornio power plant, and later expanded to other EPV power plants. A consistent system architecture in all power plants facilitates maintenance, and ensures a consistent approach in all operations.

Juha Nyholm, Pinja’s Sales Manager involved in the project, praises the active role of EPV in the deployment and operational development of the system. 

– I am pleased to have EPV Energia as part of the Novi family. The deployment of the system went according to plan and was finished on schedule. The use of the system is developed systematically. Special thanks to EPV Energia for their active brainstorming on the development of the system. This will certainly help Novi to better support the maintenance requirements of energy production.


Ville Vilhu
Director, Maintenance
+358 40 537 9575

Picture: EPV Energy