The Social and Health IT Days are held at the end of May at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. The event is aimed at different professional groups in the social and health care sector. Come and meet Pinja’s experts and discuss, for example, the development of situational awareness, the implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare, and equipment management. 

Pinja has more than 10 years of experience in the digitalization of the healthcare sector and development of medical devices and services. Pinja is a pioneer in the industry in Finland, and will continue to follow the chosen path in the future. For more information, check out Pinja’s Welfare and Heath Technology service site. 

The themes of the 2024 IT Days event are:

  • National policies and solutions to support service delivery
  • Robotics and smart technology
  • Knowledge management, effectiveness, and quality I
  • Common clients and interfaces
  • Digital services as part of social services
  • Development of client and patient information systems
  • Knowledge management, effectiveness, and quality II
  • Clients at the heart of development
  • Introduction to the products and implementations

Read more about the program and register on the event website: (Social and Health IT Days)

If you want to meet Pinja’s experts, book a meeting or contact us. 

See you at the fair!

Petteri Väisänen
Director, Business Intelligence

+358 40 077 4189