In the spring, the joint forests of Kuusamo, Salla and Kemijärvi deployed the Forest by Pinja system for managing e.g. timber harvesting, long-distance transport and deliveries of timber trades, and roadside warehouse management.

Joint forests are active forestry actors whose management and use of forests is based on an up-to-date forest plan. Wood is delivered evenly from joint forests evenly throughout the year to several delivery points. In addition to volume benefits, additional benefits have been sought for the shareholders of the joint forest from the ERP system.

“We wanted to switch to a system where the entire timber supply chain from the forest to the mill can be managed in one place. I expect the ERP system to increase the efficiency of employees’ use of time, facilitate cost monitoring and improve the quality and productivity of the entire supply chain” says Jarmo Korhonen, Executive Director of Kuusamon Yhteismetsä.

“The system has made it easier to manage inventory, especially those on terrain and along the road. For each warehouse, we can see directly from the system how much of each type of timber is in stock” adds Tapio Sinkkilä, Executive director of Sallan Yhteismetsä.

“The suite has proven to be a functional system. For example, we can make settlements directly through the system. I would also like to highlight the excellent planning tools: the stands can be designed directly in the system, and the map is an illustrative tool for the contractors, as well. Forest by Pinja is an easy-to-use forest system” says Kari Välikangas, Executive Director of Kemijärven Yhteismetsä.

Business Director Antti Miettunen from Pinja is satisfied with the matter. “Using the Forest by Pinja system in joint forests clearly shows the versatility of our system – it offers suitable tools for everyone: forest owners, forest contractors, wood procurement companies and everyone involved in forest energy.”

Forest by Pinja works together with other systems. For example, the completed stand data is transferred from the TAPIO ForestKIT forest information system used in Kuusamo and Salla to Pinja’s system, so that the same information can be used, for example, in harvest planning. This enables the use of the best features of both systems.

Forest by Pinja is an ERP system developed by the Finnish company Pinja and designed for the needs of the forest industry. The system is used by dozens of forest sector actors in Finland and abroad.

For more information, please contact:

Kuusamon Yhteismetsä, Jarmo Korhonen,040 514 6058,
Sallan yhteismetsä, Tapio Sinkkilä, 0400 296 386,
Kemijärven Yhteismetsä, Kari Välikangas,0400 395 056,
Pinja, Antti Miettunen, 040 546 7283,