Sumetku Oy, better known as Suomen MetsätKuntoon, deployed the Forest by Pinja system during the summer season, for managing e.g. timber trade, forest resource management, harvesting and transport control.

Suomen MetsätKuntoon was founded in 2014 as a forest service company, and it has rapidly grown into a significant player, especially in the Kainuu region. Suomen MetsätKuntoon offers forest owners comprehensive services, from property sales to forest management and timber sales. The company develops its operations using the latest IT solutions in a very traditional industry, offering its customers new and innovative services.

“We wanted a system that supports and strengthens the growth of our business” says Miikka Minkkinen, CEO of Suomen MetsätKuntoon Oy.

“The system has comprehensively facilitated the management of wood flows in various stages of wood procurement” adds Antti Hiltunen, Digital Business Director at Suomen MetsätKuntoon Oy.

Pinja’s Business Director Antti Miettunen has a good reason to be satisfied. “The Forest by Pinja system is an excellent tool for a versatile forest industry company like Suomen MetsätKuntoon Oy. An innovative client enables us to develop our forest system to be even more versatile, offering our clients the tools of the future today.”

Forest by Pinja is an ERP system developed by the Finnish company PiiMega Oy and designed for the needs of the forest industry. The system is used by numerous forest sector actors in Finland and abroad.

For more information, please contact:

Sumetku Oy, Miikka Minkkinen, 044 974 6339,

PiiMega Oy, Antti Miettunen, 040 546 7283,