Hakevuori Oy, which specializes in energy wood processing and harvesting in Uusimaa and Päijät-Häme, chose the Forest by Pinja ERP system.

Hakevuori Oy operates in the procurement, harvesting, chipping and sale of energy wood, as well as in the harvesting, procurement and transportation of wood. Today, the company employs about 40 professionals in the field. In addition to transport equipment, Hakevuori’s equipment consists of various chippers, excavators, loaders and forest machines.

Hakevuori will use the new system for e.g. wood procurement, chipping and wood resource management. Forest by Pinja is a product-based modular system that enables customer-specific operating models.

Pinja’s Business Director Antti Miettunen is excited about it: “Hakevuori Oy is an excellent example of the flexibility of the Forest by Pinja system. In addition to traditional timber trade, the system to be delivered now provides the client with tools for chipping and selling chips to, for example, energy companies that especially value the wood origin information and power plant deliveries with the right units (MWh).”

“Versatility, ease of use and extensive reporting possibilities were the main attractions of Pinja’s system” says Anssi Korsström, Procurement Manager of Hakevuori.

Forest by Pinja is an ERP system developed by Pinja and designed for the needs of the forest industry. The system is used by dozens of sawmills and wood industry companies in Finland and abroad. The Forest by Pinja software enables fully electronic timber trading, as well as real-time harvesting and transportation. The software can also be used to comprehensively manage the processing of energy wood. Pinja’s systems cover the entire production chain from the stump to the finished processed end product.
More information:

Hakevuori, Anssi Korsström, 0400 264 360, www.hakevuori.fi

Pinja, Antti Miettunen, 040 546 7283, pinja.com