Omron LD-mobiilirobotti
Omron LD mobile robot at Pinja’s stand at the Northern Industry trade fair in May.

Independently acting and moving robots are not yet frequently seen in many Finnish production plants. Now, there is an opportunity to familiarise oneself with one such robot at the Subcontraction Trade Fair 2018 at Pinja’s stand D326, where Omron’s LD mobile robot will be busy working, transporting packages between two conveyor lines.

– The robot is capable of moving safely thanks to a laser scanner and creates route maps. Unlike traditional fixed solutions, a mobile robot enables flexible changes to production lines – it is, indeed, quite an ingenious device, was told from Pinja.

Comprehensive implementation is key to production efficiency

It is not, however, robots alone that do the magic trick to enhance efficiency of production. To develop production, the overall picture must be considered and taken into account.

– Essential aspects when improving production efficiency are enabling flexibility, reducing production costs and performing routine tasks smartly and with integrated systems – why not with a mobile robot, was told from Pinja.

Pinja offers comprehensive services for production development and project management, as well as support for maintenance and changes required by the customers in their production operations.

– Since our total offering is available under the same roof, introduction of a mobile robot, for instance, ultimately turns out to be a relatively light and flexible project. Basically anything can be built upon it. For example, a robot can transfer assembly parts from one place to another without getting bored or tired, or take samples in a sterile environment where access to humans is not provided. Work cycles become faster and employees can concentrate on essential tasks, was said from Pinja.

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