Jopera Oy, a manufactured home builder known for its high quality and customer-oriented service chose Total ERP by Pinja as its new ERP system. With the ERP upgrade, the company streamlines bid calculations and project management, facilitates the flow of information between parties involved in construction projects, and centralizes site-related documentation. Later, Jopera plans to integrate Total ERP into the company’s planning software, which will further refine the calculation of items. As a stable company, Jopera takes advantage of the quieter period by updating its ERP system to meet the needs of the next boom.

The Total ERP by Pinja Solution covers all the company’s main business activities, including home deliveries, site operations, and financial management. The strengths of the experienced home builder include customer focus and product customization, which they also want to support with more flexible and customizable bids.

– The bid calculator must be reliable and guide the seller to perform calculations correctly. This ensures that we trade in a sustainable way. In addition, we get an improvement in CRM and better tools for sales management, says Jorma Paaso, CEO of Jopera.

Other important improvements for Jopera include browser-based and location-independent remote access to the system, and a reduction in the amount of material sent by email.

– A large part of our work is project management, so we need to be able to manage the allocation and responsibility of standard project tasks in a reliable way. Even if there is only one person performing a particular task, there can easily be ten others who need to know about it, says Jorma Paaso.

Jopera is known as a pioneer in the construction of individual detached houses, and has 30 years of experience in the field. Topias Paaso, who leads ERP development at Jopera, says that significant improvements are now also being sought in areas such as founders’ contracting and related tools.

– Total ERP makes this work safer for us, and at the same time we get rid of the sidekick spreadsheets. We have a large mobile workforce, so being browser-based and accessible remotely are important advantages, says Topias Paaso.

The previous ERP was in use at Jopera for a decade, so it was felt that there is a need for modernization. The deployment was agreed with Pinja in early spring 2023, and the practical transition started shortly afterwards.

– We went through a few options and chose Pinja as our new system provider based on good user experience and recommendations, among other things. The system will be used by all our staff, and our subcontractors will also have access to manage the files they need. This way they can see the drawings of the sites, the electrical contractors can see and update the electrical drawings and so on, says Jorma Paaso.

As a parallel project, Jopera is already planning an integration between Total ERP and the planning software that they use. This will further refine the calculation of items, reduce waste, and improve profitability. Jopera uses Finnish wood as the main building material, which is ecological and durable.

The parties have been satisfied with the initial stages of the partnership.

– The cooperation has got off to a good and smooth start. Jopera has understood how Total can support their business, and we have understood their needs. So we have set out to support and develop Jopera’s business in good spirits, says Ari Harjula, Director of Pinja’s Total business unit.

Topias Paaso of Jopera agrees.

– The cooperation has been nothing but positive so far. Pinja’s contact persons have always been easy to reach, and they respond quickly. On-call support has also been available whenever needed. Of course, it’s a good thing that I’ve worked with ERPs myself before, but Pinja has certainly provided us with good and important support for the deployment, says Topias Paaso.

Image: Jopera

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