Pinja and Kuhmo Oy have agreed to strengthen cooperation in the production control of the Kuhmo sawmill. The agreement relates to the ongoing sawmill renewal that will increase Kuhmo’s production capacity to around 600,000 m3

Earlier this year, Pinja and Kuhmo Oy signed a contract to supply the iPES production planning and control system. The cooperation is now continued by upgrading the production monitoring to the Gema by Pinja system and introducing new lines to the monitoring. In addition, iPES and Gema is integrated to support the overall production in a more systematic way.

According to Jenni Mäkinen, Senior Project Manager at Pinja, the collaboration aims to bring overall benefits to the growing and evolving needs of Kuhmo. The investments made under the sawmill development program allows for high capacity as soon as the sawmill line is completed.

Pinja’s MES solution makes it easier to manage the whole by bringing together production control and the information needed for production in one place. Having the right information available at the right time for the people who need it most allows systematic and planned management of the entire manufacturing operation.

Thanks to the system upgrade, Kuhmo will have more accurate and better-quality data to support development in the future. For example, product-specific information and quality checks are easily and quickly entered in the system. Automation reduces manual work, and data can be harnessed to support daily management, for example in weekly meetings. Information displays help spread information throughout the organization.

– The ongoing development project has provided Kuhmo with an excellent opportunity to reflect on the use and role of systems in a holistic way. The design phase of the new sawmill has provided an opportunity to experiment and test things before production starts. We had a great opportunity to develop things and deepen our cooperation in peace and quiet, Mäkinen says.

Additional information:

Timo Salomäki
Director, Manufacturing, Pinja
+358 400 837 682

Kuva: Kuhmo Oy